Leader in Medicine

Angel Ho


American Health Council proudly welcomes Angel Ho, MD to its esteemed Board of Physicians. Dr. Ho brings her extensive 13 years in the healthcare industry during which she developed her expertise in Family Medicine, Medical Education, and trademark diagnostic skills of good medical practice.

Dr. Ho’s commendable professional success arises from her tight-knit support system. Her living father and beloved deceased mother instilled a strong value for education throughout her disciplined upbringing. She derived her sense of self-esteem and drive to become a motivation physician from her parents’ and siblings’ unwavering encouragement. Dr. Ho noticed the lack of accessible care to patients of different cultures and sought to rectify this absence in her clinical performance. Armed with these ideals and a desire to treat a variety of diverse conditions, Dr. Ho pursued a medical degree from St. Matthews University Grand Cayman and graduated in 2004. She subsequently completed her residency at Caraway Methodist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Ho is presently board-certified to practice in the state of Florida as a family physician. Dr. Ho serves the profession as Medical Director of Orlando Health Clinic where her capabilities have flourished for the past seven years.

She furthers Orlando Health Clinic’s priority to provide patients with the best medical attention from a compassionate stance through her daily encounters. Dynamic clinical cases ranging from gynecological and psychological to wellness and sick visits, challenge and strengthen Dr. Ho’s established diagnostic skills. She attributes her extraordinary career success to the respectful physician-patient relationships she cultivates with each patient and the referrals that precipitate from those relationships. Furthermore, Dr. Ho appreciates the opportunity to work with an exceptionally talented staff at Orlando Health Clinic. She uses her position to encourage her staff, inspiring them to give the highest-quality care. Her hard work, consideration, and dedication to equitable patient care shine through her professional conduct.

Dr. Ho’s laudable clinical gifts have been recognized by her peers with a professional honor, the Doctor Leadership Award, in 2015. To keep abreast of the latest developments in the medical field, Dr. Ho maintains affiliations with the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the Florida Medical Association.

In her professional future, Dr. Ho hopes to steadily affect change on the front line of clinical advancement. She envisions continuous growth within her position as Medical Director where she will continue promoting compassionate, effective medical care. Dr. Ho is bilingual, speaking English and Vietnamese. She uses this ability to open communication channels between clinicians and patients, allowing Dr. Ho to expand the scope of effective medical care to more patient groups. Outside of her professional life, Dr. Ho volunteers with Musical Temple Leadership, upholding the altruistic values at the heart of medicine. Dr. Ho places a lot of emphasis on her personal relationships. She spends her free time with her hard-working husband, beautiful daughter, and friends who always stand by her side. American Health Council’s Board of Physicians is eager to bring Ho’s distinctive clinical insight and vital compassionate attitude aboard.

Orlando Health

Medical Director at Orlando Health Clinic

  • Expertise in Family Medicine, Medical Education, & trademark diagnostic skills of good medical practice.
  • Received the Doctor Leadership Award, in 2015.
  • Orlando Health is one of Florida’s most comprehensive private, not-for-profit, healthcare systems.
  • Orlando Health is home to the area’s only Level I Trauma Centers.