Leader in Medicine

Barbara L. Cox

Physical Therapy

The American Health Council has welcomed Barbara L. Cox, as ” Best in Medicine” in recognition of her extensive experience in the field of Physical Therapy.

Barbara L. Cox began her academic endeavors at The University of Texas, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. Her clinical training was completed at the University of Texas Medical School in Galveston. Subsequently, Barbara ventured into her first role as a Staff Physical Therapist at a local hospital which is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After success in that position, Barbara continued to advance her career which led to several promotions within the organization. Ms. Cox went on to hold a prestigious management position within the same hospital.

After several years of practice, she became interested in obstetrics and earned a certification in Lamaze techniques for prepared childbirth. She developed a childbirth training program at Baptist Hospital which she led for 17 years while continuing with her therapy programs at the hospital.  Following this, she then spent 2 years in private practice.

Over the last two decades Barbara has expanded her medical expertise in the specialty area of Geriatrics. Following several months of home health visits, she moved to management of a home health Rehab Department and later managed a Rehab Department in a Skilled Nursing Home.

After an extensive and accomplished career of over 53 years of practice, Barbara has retired.  Among her many achievements, Barbara has always put the care and compassion of her patients first.  She has acted as a mentor for future Physical Therapists and assisting them at the start of their career throughout the beginning of their practice. Barbara has been very active in the Texas Physical Therapy Association and continues to be well respected in the medical community by peers and patients alike.