Leader in Medicine

Barbara L. Nye


The American Health Council proudly appointed Barbara L. Nye, MD as “Best in Medicine” for her outstanding contributions to the medical field.

Barbara L. Nye, M.D., has been committed to the practice of Neurology for over a decade and is currently a Neurologist, Headache Specialist, and Headache Fellowship Director at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist .

Dr. Nye previously served as Co-Director of the Headache Clinic at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H., Dr. Nye provides comprehensive services in migraine management, neurology and headaches where she make a difference in improving her patient’s quality of life. A distinguished member of the medical field, Dr. Nye has spent the last ten years perfecting her skills to ensure that each patient is treated with the utmost care and respect.

When she was 7 years old, Dr. Nye was exposed to the medical field after her sister was diagnosed with cancer. After accompanying her sister to several doctor appointments, Dr. Nye realized she wanted to be a doctor after witnessing the interactions between her sister and her medical caretakers. The kind communication between her family and doctors — combined with the way Dr. Nye was integrated into her sister’s care — led her to pursue a career in the medical field. After earning a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of North Florida in 2004, she enrolled at the University of South Florida and earned a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2010. She immediately secured an internship at the Tampa General Hospital, where she remained for one year. By 2013, Dr. Nye completed a neurology residency at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and later accepted a headache fellowship at the same medical institution. After concluding the fellowship in 2015, she was offered a permanent position at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center as its co-director of the Headache Clinic. As of 2021, she is now the Headache Fellowship Program Director and educates 2 fellows per year.

Years of rigorous practice and academic training reached fruition when Dr. Nye took the helm of the Headache Clinic. She performs inpatient and outpatient care, rounds between three to five new patients daily and follows up with existing patients. She conducts extensive research — including both self-initiated research and current industry-sponsored studies — on monoclonal antibodies, CGRP small molecules and devices for migraine and cluster headaches. Additionally, she is currently working on quality improvement projects within the hospital, changing practices with lumbar punctures and improving clinical flow through EMR implementation of smart sets. Her impressive research and intelligence earned her several accolades and scholarships, including the Evelyn Shiver Scholarship in 2009, the University of South Florida Scholarship in 2010, the Scholarship to attend Multiple Sclerosis Conference’s Training Practicum for Tomorrow’s Physician Experts: Evolutions in Multiple Sclerosis Care, and most recently, a scholarship to attend the second annual International Headache Academy Meeting in Washington, D.C. She was named the Administrative Chief Resident at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center’s Department of Neurology in 2014 and received the Roy Forster Resident Teaching Award at the same medical institution in 2014.

To ensure that she remains updated on evolving breakthroughs within her field — and to share her own research — Dr. Nye is a member of several associations including the International Headache Society, the Northern New England Neurological Society, the New Hampshire Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, the American Headache Society, the Headache Cooperative of New England, the American Medical Association and the Christian Medical and Dental Association. Although she maintains an active schedule, Dr. Nye makes time to enjoy personal endeavors including hiking with her children and dog, going to the theater and spending time outdoors. She is also an active member of Our Savior Lutheran Church.

With a successful career at hand, Dr. Nye remains humble as she attributes her success to learning from various mentors while attending the University of South Florida. She credits her tenacity for leading her to associate herself with the right people to land in the right profession. To maintain her successful career, Dr. Nye plans to conduct community outreach, expanding the headache clinic and conducting more research, gaining additional certifications and publishing more content.

Neurologist, Headache Specialist, and Headache Fellowship Director at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist 

Dartmouth Hitchcock