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Bhakti Shah


Mrs. Bhakti Shah has been elected onto the prestigious Physician Board of the American Health Council. Mrs. Shah is a Chief Physician’s Assistant based in Hoboken, New Jersey and works at the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. She has held this role for 5 years as part of her impressive 11 years within this industry.

Mrs. Shah graduated from St John’s University, Queens, New York, in 2007 with a BS degree in which her focus was on becoming a Physician’s Assistant. She was inspired to strive for this career by her brother’s treatment by an outstanding physician’s assistant in the hospital when she was in high school. In addition, she secured the opportunity to shadow one of the many doctors in her family before embarking on her studies. This confirmed that this was the career for her.

The Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has been at the heart of its community since 1889. They specialize in a vast range of areas including cardiology, pediatrics, emergency medicine and pain management and house an impressive 350-beds. The center caters for a very diverse community and this is reflected in the support they provide for those who speak different languages or have different customs. For the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, not only the medical care is important. Non-medical staff is also crucial in ensuring the patient has a comfortable experience.

For Mrs. Shah in particular, her expertise lies in emergency medicine. Her duties include overseeing the physician’s assistant student when they are performing their duties in the emergency room, organizing their programs and ensuring staff is performing optimally and happily as she is the Chief Physician’s Assistant. This is alongside her own medical duties in caring for adults and children.

Mrs. Shah has had further professional successes as she also works as a Physician’s Assistant for GoHealth Urgent Care and published publications including “Middle Aged Woman with Myriad Growths.” In addition, she is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. She attributes all her successes to her ingrained passion for healthcare and facilitating the healing of others.

Looking to the future Bhakti is certified in Aesthetics and Botox and looks to practice this in her near future part-time.

Chief Physician Assistant at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

  • Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has been providing medical care to the community since 1889. They see 90,500 visits annually in our Pediatric/Adult Emergency Departments, deliver 1,400 babies, offer outpatient services to thousands at our network of community ambulatory care centers and present extensive community health education and screening programs.
  • A dedicated staff of 1,800 physicians, nurses and support personnel care for patients thirty-five distinct languages and cultures.

Sources: https://www.wyckoffhospital.org/

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