Leader in Medicine

Christine Mackie


The American Health Council has cordially appointed Dr. Christine Mackie, M.D., as “Best in Medicine.” Having worked in the healthcare industry for seven years, Dr. Mackie has already proven herself to be an expert in the field of Family Medicine.

From a young age, Dr. Mackie wanted to be in a career that made a difference and that would have a positive impact on people – this is why she chose to become involved her in current profession as a family doctor. To enable her to work towards her chosen career, Dr. Mackie studied at the University of Arizona, Tucson where she graduated with her Medical Doctorate in 2000.

Following graduation, Dr. Mackie began her venture into the medical industry and is currently working as a Physician at Excellence Medical Centers. The Excellence Medical Centers are a Private Family Practice that offer healthcare and various patient treatments.

Being a physician, Dr. Mackie has a number of responsibilities and duties to fulfil throughout the day. These include treating approximately 25 patients a day, handling everything from wellness visits and heart failure through to hypertension issues. Additionally, she is also an administrator at the clinic. Dr. Mackie has had a successful seven years within the clinic, building relationships and treating patients – she attributes this success to hard work and determination.

In order to stay up to date with relevant advances in the medical industry and to continue to expand her knowledge, Dr. Mackie is a member of a range of professional organizations including the American Medical Association, the Florida Medical Association and the American Academy of Family Practice Physicians.

Looking into the future, Dr. Mackie’s professional goals include expanding the excellence of the medical center and continuing to provide quality care to her patients.

A keen outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Mackie enjoys traveling and spending time on the beach when she is not at work.

Family Physician at Excellence Medical Center LLC

  • Excellence Medical Center LLC is a privately owned family practice.