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Daniel Shimko


The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Dr. Daniel Shimko, Ph.D. as “Best in Medicine.” With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Shimko, from Memphis, Tennessee, is highly regarded for his contributions to areas of Bone Graft and Tissue Engineering, Spinal and Orthopedic Bone Grafting.

Dr. Shimko became involved in his current profession due to strong interest in medicine and the desire to develop new technologies. Patients deserve the best products, made by companies with the highest ethical standards, manufactured with uncompromised quality. Dr. Shimko is motivated every day to deliver on these promises and he is proud of the global Biologics product portfolio that he and his team have developed and manage on behalf of Medtronic.

Having attained his BS from the University of Maryland College Park in 2000, Dr. Shimko furthered his studies at Tulane University, where he achieved his M.Eng in 2003 and his Ph.D in 2004. For the past 4 years, Dr. Shimko has upheld the position of Director of Biologics R&D at Medtronic, the world’s largest medical technology development company,

Medtronic is the leader in spinal and musculoskeletal therapies, and is committed to improving lives through medical technologies and solutions. Initially started in 1949, Medtronic has expanded to include medical technologies from implantable mechanical devices, surgical instruments, and biologic therapies. In biologics, Medtronic leads the industry with its comprehensive portfolio of bone grafting products including MasterGraft ceramics, Grafton and Magnifuse DBMs, and Infuse recombinant growth factor technologies.

Medtronic contributes to human welfare through the application of biomedical engineering to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Medtronic operates in over 150 countries, specializing in implantable medical devices, comprehensive procedurally integrated medical solutions, treatments for chronic disease, industry leading research, surgeon education, and biologics for acute therapy, and regenerative medicine solutions.

Dr. Shimko’s is responsible for Medtronic’s Allograft bone – based product portfolio and manages a talented team of five R&D engineers and scientists. Dr. Shimko works in close alignment with his global colleagues to ensure product performance and availability globally.

Among his many accomplishments, he is most proud of his opportunity to collaborate with
clinicians to launch numerous products that are recognized and used globally. Attributing his success to perseverance, unending education, and strong mentorship, Dr. Shimko has been the proud recipient of the Best Spine Product Award, Best New Technology Award, the Beacon Award and a Best in Quality Award.

Dr. Shimko is an Advisory Board Member of the University of Memphis and remains affiliated with the ASTM. Goals within the next 5 years include the continuation of research, personal growth, execution of Medtronic’s global allograft strategy, and optimization of bone grafting for value based health care environments.

When not busy working, Dr. Shimko enjoys wood-working, skiing and traveling.

Director of Biologics R&D at Medtronic

  • Medtronic serves as the world’s largest medical technology development company, world leader in spinal and musculoskeletal therapies, and is committed to improving lives through their medical technologies and solutions.

Source: Medtronic

Professional Awards and Honors

  • Award Recipient, Best in Spine Product Award
  • Award Recipient, Best New Technology Award in 2014