Leader in Medicine

David Cheng


The American Health Council has cordially invited Dr. David Cheng as “Best in Medicine”, in recognition of his dedication and achievements over the course of his impressive career.

Dr. Cheng always wanted to become involved in his profession so he could help those in need, especially those in the homeless community. Hearing so many success stories from his students has given him the desire to keep him motivated throughout the course of his career, as well as maintaining his passion for his work, which he attributes to his success in Emergency Medicine and Trauma.

After gaining his MD at Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1992, Dr. David Cheng went on to hold a Residency at Brooklyn Hospital Center. He then embarked on a successful career in medicine, culminating in his current role as an esteemed Associate Professor at Neomed Akron Hospitals.

Founded in 1914 as People’s Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Akron General is a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving as a hub for Cleveland Clinic’s Southern Region. As well as a 532 registered bed teaching and research medical center, the Cleveland Clinic Akron General system includes: Lodi Hospital, Health & Wellness Centers, Cleveland Clinic Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation, and Visiting Nurse Services. They also specialize in emergency medicine, healthcare, medicine, health & wellness, drug addiction, amputations, physical therapy, hospice, primary care, teaching, research, nursing, rehabilitation, trauma, neuroscience, orthopedics, acute care, palliative care, maternity, and outpatient services.

With the ability to deliver excellence in patient care, Dr. Cheng provides emergency and trauma care as part of his daily responsibilities, alongside teaching residents and other medical students.

Dr. Cheng is a member of several organizations including American Board of Emergency Medicine, American Academy of Emergency Medicine, Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and American College of Emergency Physicians.

Looking to the future, the doctor’s goals include mentoring new residents, students and interns as well as entering the VA System as a practicing physician. When not busy working, Dr. Cheng enjoys spending time outdoors, specifically focusing his time on hiking and camping.

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Neomed & Emergency Physician at Akron General Medical Center

  • Akron General was founded in 1914 as Peoples Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Akron General is a not-for-profit healthcare organization that serves as the hub for Cleveland Clinic’s Southern Region.
  • Northeast Ohio Medical University is committed to the health, economy and quality of life in Northeast Ohio through the medicine, pharmacy and health sciences education of students and practitioners at all levels

Source: https://www.neomed.edu/