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Debbie Palmer


The American Health Council is proud to announce Medical Director and Co-founder of Dermatology Associates of New York, Debbie Palmer BBA, DO, FAOCD, FAAD recognized as “Best in Medicine”. With almost two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, 15 years of which have been spent establishing her own private dermatology practice, the American Health Council recognizes Dr. Palmer’s clinical insight and entrepreneurial spirit in medicine. Intent on sharing her medical insight with the public, Dr. Palmer is also a writer, publishing her second book titled Beyond Beauty in 2016. Dr. Palmer will be bringing her expertise in Dermatology and subspecialty Laser Procedures to American Health Council’s Board of Physicians.

Dr. Palmer has always known she wanted to become a dermatologist. Dr. Palmer excelled academically, gaining extensive scholastic training in preparation for medical practice. Through a passion for skin care and holistic beauty, Dr. Palmer graduated summa cum laude from Kansas City University with her doctoral degree in Osteopathy (DO) in 1999. While there, Dr. Palmer focused her studies in Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology as well as Laser Surgery. In a few years, Dr. Palmer would come to found Dermatology Associates of New York (DANY) in Harrison, New York where she currently serves as Medical Director.

Among a plethora of accomplishments, Dr. Palmer recently published her second book, ‘Beyond Beauty’ in 2016 available on Amazon.com. In this publication, Dr. Palmer analyzes the latest medical research and suggests simple strategies to improve overall health from the inside out — from diet and exercise regimes to sleep quality – for glowing, healthy skin.  To advance accessible, holistic medicine, she has also launched her own line of skin care products, Replere®, that provides potent antioxidant skin care for facial rejuvenation, developed with the power of cutting-edge medical knowledge.

Dr. Palmer’s fierce dedication and proficiency have been recognized through several professional honors. She received the Janet H. Glasgow Memorial Achievement for being a significant female physician role model and membership in Psi Sigma Alpha, the National Osteopathic Honor Society. To stay abreast of changing medical advancements, Dr. Palmer also maintains professional associations with the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology and the American Association of Dermatology. She remains determined to use her leadership positions and platforms to promote holistic patient health and an informed patient experience.  Dr. Palmer is also a Student Advocacy Board of Directors Member, a Student Advocacy Overcoming the Odds Selection Committee Member, and a New York State Supreme Court Expert. She gives charitably to Student Advocacy Programs, devoting her clinical wisdom to train the next generation.

Dr. Palmer hopes to expand and strengthen her current positions in the future. She hopes to continue growing her private practice, DANY, write more, and promote her skincare line Replere Inc. In her spare time, Dr. Palmer cultivates interests in skiing, hiking, yoga, and reading. She also has a penchant for sports, often playing golf and tennis to unwind. The American Health Council proudly acknowledges Dr. Palmer as a leader in the field of Medical Dermatology and looks forward to supporting her healthcare initiatives in the future.

Dermatology Associates of New York

Physician/Owner at Dermatology Associates of New York

  • DANY — with over ten years of experience, physicians are trained in all areas of dermatology, including general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. Their goal is to provide the highest quality dermatological care and services in a comfortable, relaxed environment.
  • Dr. Palmer is a Board Certified dermatologist, specializing in cosmetic and medical dermatology. She practices a “whole person” approach to medicine and is licensed to perform surgery and prescribe medication.
  • Authored numerous papers for prominent medical journals such as Cutis, Dermatology Times, and Journal of Drugs In Dermatology.
  • Dr. Palmer is also the founder of Replere(TM), a natural phenolic antioxidant skin care line. The range features potent anti-aging ingredients, including Coffea Arabica Extract, which work synergistically to neutralize the primary free radicals that damage skin.
Beyond Beauty
  •  Dr. Palmer recently published her second book,Beyond Beauty in 2016.
  • “Beyond Beauty explains exactly what you need to do to look and feel years younger. But this is more than just a book about how to get healthy, radiant skin. Beyond Beauty digs into the latest research to offer doable strategies to makeover your diet, your exercise regime, your spiritual life, and even the quality of your sleep. All work synergistically, says Dr. Palmer, to keep you energized, healthy, and happy.”