Leader in Medicine

Dr. Allan P. Gold


The American Health Council has welcomed Dr. Allan P. Gold, Ph.D., as” Best in Medicine” in recognition of his extensive experience in the field of Psychology and for the prestigious role that he has upheld since 1976 of School District Psychologist at Reed Union School District.
Dr. Gold attended the University of California Berkeley where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Summa Cum Laude, and a Master’s Degree in Statistics. Throughout the course of his time in school during the Vietnam War, he enlisted in the United States Army Reserves where he served as a Psychology and Social Work Specialist in a Medical Unit. His experience in the Army as a pivotal moment in his life that led him to  pursue a career in Psychology. Once he was discharged, he returned to the University of California Berkeley and earned his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in 1978.  Subsequently, Dr. Gold held an Adjust Professor role at the University of California Berkeley in the School of Education from 1980 to 1987.
Dr. Gold has received numerous awards throughout his career,  including ‘Outstanding School Psychologist’, an accolade he was proud to receive twice from the California Association of School Psychologists, and also the ‘First Educator Award for Outstanding Educators’ presented by Reed Union School District. He has maintained membership and affiliations to the National Association of School Psychologists and the California Association of School Psychologists.
A respected member of his local town community, Dr. Gold has also been the recipient of the Rotary Club Award recognizing his efforts in Community service. Similarly, Dr. Gold has served as president of his local synagogue and remains in the role of Chair of the Board of the non-profit organization, ‘Being Adept,’ since 2017. This organization was set up to provide education to middle school students and aims to prevent substance abuse of alcohol and drugs. Dr. Gold has also set up groups at school dedicated to supporting children when they might need additional support throughout their homelife including divorce, illness in the family or caring for siblings with special needs, and support for LGBTQ students.

School psychologists work to support individual students through various developmental and mental health issues. Given the amount of time children are in school, and how school plays a large influence on a child (physically, emotionally, behaviorally), not to mention the personal struggles that surface such as the home environment or learning disabilities, there is no doubt a school psychologist is of immense value. “You’ve come to expect the unexpected”.

On this episode of the Baby Steps Nutrition Podcast, Argavan speaks with Dr. Allan Gold, a school psychologist for the Reed Union School District in Tiburon, California for almost 46 years. This means he has worked with Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials and Gen Zs. Dr. Gold graduated with a Ph.D in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley in 1978. In this eye-opening episode, Argavan and Dr. Gold discuss why modern day parenting is harder than it has ever been, the behavioral and emotional challenges children exhibited after returning to school in person once stay-at-home orders were lifted and how our digital world is impacting the way kids think and behave, and what we, as parents, need to do starting today. If you are a parent or work with school-age children, you absolutely don’t want to miss this very important discussion!

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