Leader in Medicine

Dr. Ben Guedes


The American Health Council has welcomed Dr. Ben Guedes as” Best in Medicine” in recognition of his extensive experience in the field of Pediatrics and as the Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Kids Beating Cancer. 

Dr. Ben Guedes, M.D., began his career at  University of Florida College of Medicine, based in Gainesville, where he received his Medical Degree in 1969. Subsequently he began his Pediatrics Residency at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center/Brooke Army Medical Center, where he completed active duty. Dr. Guedes then completed a fellowship at UF Health Shands Hospital.

Throughout the course of his profession, Dr. Guedes has specialized in Pediatrics, which includes the medical care of infants through their childhood and into adolescence, often up to the age of 21. Dr. Guedes is able to treat an expansive range of different diseases, illnesses, and injuries for children across all ages and knows different ages will require different approaches, and this has been proven throughout his career. His many years  of experience within the medical specialty of Pediatrics led him to his commendable role of Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at the Nonprofit Kids Beating Cancer.

Dr. Guedes has been recognized for his expertise in Pediatrics as he became Board-Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. This is a great honor as the American Board of Pediatrics is a widely recognized, independent industry body that only certifies the highest levels of Physicians. Dr. Guedes is proud of his ability to provide the highest levels of care possible for children with complex needs and working with both children and their parents successfully.

Dr. Guedes has enjoyed an impressive professional career to date, including more than 50 years of service to the medical profession.  He is now retired from his role of Medical Director of the CCK Program at Advent Health where he provided diagnosis and treatment for children with very complex and rare illnesses that required additional support. Prior to this between 1986-2018 he was the Medical Director of both the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Pediatric Medical-Surgical Unit. Before holding this role, he worked at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital as the Director of Pediatric Intensive Care.

Now retired from Advent Health, Dr. Guedes is fully invested in his role of Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Kids Beating Cancer. The mission of Kids Beating Cancer is to have a place dedicated to curing children by providing access to life-saving treatments through the science of cellular therapy and advancing pediatric innovative, novel, research, moving new discoveries to patient care, while supporting the children and their families throughout the journey to the cure.  Working alongside his wife Margaret who is president of the organization, their vision is to remove the barriers and burdens placed on families which limit their ability to access life-saving treatments. The heart of the mission of Kids Beating Cancer is Saving Children’s Lives.