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Elizabeth Liu


Dr. Elizabeth Liu, MD, PhD of Rochelle Park, New Jersey has been warmly appointed as “Best in Medicine” by the American Health Council. Dr. Liu has worked in the healthcare industry for an impressive 29 years with 10 of those spent as a doctor at the Wellness Medical Center, which she owns.

Dr. Liu was motivated to pursue a career in the healthcare industry by seeing her mother work as a microbiology professor. She loved to accompany her mother to work which lead her to develop a keen curiosity for the intricacies of the human body throughout her childhood. As a result, Dr. Liu pursued her MD at Guangzhou Medicine College in China, from which she graduated in 1988. When she was at medical school, Dr. Liu was proud to be on the Dean’s list. In addition, she gained a PhD in Neurology Sciences in 1998 from Rogers Medical School. Within these qualifications, Dr. Liu specialized in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine as well as Neuroscience and these are also her specialisms in her day-to-day role. Dr. Liu is also board certified in Family Medicine, which is a testament to her expertise in this niche area.

Dr. Liu owns two practices in New Jersey, one in Saddle Brook, and one in Pompton Plains.The Wellness Medical Center specializes in providing individuals with all the tools and advice they require for successful health maintenance. To accompany this, the center is also proud to provide some additional outpatient procedures as well as annual checkups for those who require them. The areas which the center predominantly specializes in include Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Nephrology and Gastroenterology. This is alongside Dermatology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology and Women’s Health. For Dr. Liu specifically, her day-to-day responsibilities include seeing patients with a wide variety of conditions including depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and strokes. She is passionate about providing patients with preventative advice to stop conditions escalating or worsening. Dr. Liu cares for patients of a wide variety of ages and partakes in minor office surgery when required. Dr. Liu can speak not only English, but also Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Spanish which allows her treat even more patients.

Dr. Liu has also had many other professional honors throughout her career. These include her invitation by Medicare Aetna to be part of their mission between 29th March and 2nd April. In addition, she has also been recognized by New Jersey Monthly Magazine and Who’s Who of Cambridge in 2007 and America’s Top Doctor in 2010. This is alongside her award she was granted by the Surgeon General. Dr. Liu is always keen to share her knowledge as well as continue learning and she facilitates this through her membership of variety of organizations. This includes the American Academy of Family Physicians, Bergen County Physicians and the New Jersey American Academy of Family Physicians. Perseverance has been the key to Dr. Liu’s success. Professionally, Dr. Liu wants to continue her development as a doctor over the next five years.

Dr. Liu is incredibly grateful for all she has gained from her time in the United States. She is passionate about always helping others and has been on a humanitarian mission to the Dominican Republic. To relax, Dr. Liu loves to play tennis and the guitar. In addition she practices Tai Chi as well as specialist Chinese chiropractic treatments for wellness.

Medical Doctor at Dr. Elizabeth Liu Medical Center

  • Dr. Elizabeth Liu Medical Center is a private practice.
  • The practice provides training and consultation on Health Maintenance.
  • The practice performs small outpatient procedures as well as annual check-ups.

Source: http://drelizabethliu.com/

Professional Associations

  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Bergen County Physicians
  • New Jersey American Academy of Family Physicians