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John Lopez


Dr. John Lopez, of Holmdel, NJ, has been appointed as Best in Medicine By the American Health Council. Drawing upon an impressive 17-year career to date, Dr. Lopez is a well-renowned physician and is based at the The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care, a role which he has occupied for the last two years.

From a young age, Dr. Lopez wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Growing up in a family of nurses and noticing his passion for medical books, he was warmly encouraged to become a doctor. Keen to pursue his dream, Dr. Lopez studied for his Masters in Science, Clinical Research at the University of Pittsburgh and followed this with a Medical Doctorate from the Rensselaer and Albany Medical College, graduating in 1996. Dr. Lopez then undertook Residency at Morristown Memorial between 1996 to 2000.

Currently working at The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care as a physician, Dr. Lopez is an expert in emergency care, compassion and diagnosing sick patients. As well as his daily responsibility of acting as an urgent care physician for people of all ages, he also works with minor to serious problems and works to build rapport with his local community.

The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care is the perfect solution for the immediate medical attention patients may need when they’re unable to see their primary physician. The esteemed medical facility is an excellent alternative to the Accident and Emergency Department when a condition is not life-threatening. The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care provides their patients with relief from everyday illnesses as well as more serious care. The facility has a variety of medical services to ensure their patients get the best care. These include, school physicals, x-rays, general care, traumatology, vaccinations, occupational medicine, emergency care and urgent care.

Dr. Lopez has enjoyed many successes throughout his prestigious career, including having numerous research papers published, and his contributions have been acknowledged through multiple honors and award wins. In 2013, he was awarded Physician of the Month and was also the recipient of Physician of the Year, for two years running from St Peters.

To broaden and develop his own understanding and education, Dr. Lopez is affiliated with a number of professional associations, including his membership with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Internal Medicine.

Looking to the future, Dr. Lopez hopes to expand his current partnership/practice, whilst also venturing out on his own. In addition, he intends to become more involved in mission work in underserved countries.

When not busy working, Dr. Lopez enjoys spending time with his family, repairing computers, and hiking high points. Having already proudly climbed high points in 43 states, he plans to add to this number by visiting South Dakota this winter.

Physician at The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care

  • The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care is the perfect solution for the immediate medical attention you may need when your primary physician isn’t available.
  • The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care is here to provide you with relief from everyday illnesses as well as more serious care.
  • Their medical facility is an ideal alternative to the emergency department when you don’t have a life-threatening condition.

Source: http://thedoctorsofficeurgentcare.com/

Professional Associations

    • American Academy of Pediatrics
    • American College of Internal Medicine