Leader in Medicine

Leonard Savino


The American Health Council has appointed Dr. Leonard Savino MD, as “Best in Medicine.” Dr. Savino has had an exceptional 35 years working within the healthcare industry and has been fulfilling his current role as Director of Cardiology for over 4 years.

Since childhood, Dr. Savino has always wanted to become a doctor; he found cardiology the most interesting and decided to pursue this as his career. Dr. Savino went on to obtain his M.D. from New York Medical School in 1975, after which he completed his residency program and fellowship in cardiology at Brookedale Hospital and Medical Center.

Dr. Savino is now working as the Director of Cardiology at Physicians Partner Health Services. The company is based in Ocala Florida and is made up of a group of extremely experienced physicians, specialists, assistants and nurses who are certified in family practice and primary care as well as specializing in healthcare for seniors. Dr. Savino has been in his current position for over 4 years and completes various tasks during his working day. His daily responsibilities include overseeing the cardiac department, completing stress tests, and echo vascular work.

Throughout his career, Dr. Savino has had many successes. He is particularly proud of the number of lives he has positively impacted as well as the achievement of starting a prosperous practice. Furthermore, he has numerous board certifications including internal medicine, cardiology, echocardiology, and RPVI for vascular studies. Dr. Savino has a strong mind-set; even if he gets knocked down, he will continue to make a comeback, a trait he believes this has helped with his success.

Additionally, he is always open to learning more and training to become the best he can be.

In order to remain at the forefront of his profession, Dr. Savino is a member of various professional organizations, including The AHA and The American College of Cardiology. He is also a member of the leadership committee for Heart Walk local chapter of AHA.

Over the next five years, Dr. Savino wants to open his own chest pain/heart failure clinic, continue his practices and keep reaching out to share his knowledge with other physicians.

In his spare time, Dr. Savino enjoys reading, watching movies, fly-fishing, and skiing.

Director of Cardiology at Cardiology Associates

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