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M. Angie Almond


Ms. M. Angie Almond has been warmly welcomed as “Best in Medicine” by the American Health Council. Ms. Almond is a recognized professional in her field thanks to almost three decades of service to healthcare industry. She has spent the past four years in her current role as GLADD Program Coordinator at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center – Brenner’s Children Hospital.

Discovering and researching new findings in the field of Celiac Disease is what inspired Ms. Almond to pursue her current role. She holds many professional qualifications and certifications including her MEd, which she achieved in human nutrition from the University of North Carolina – Greensboro in 1991, and she is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in the state of NC. She is also a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (FAND). These qualifications, coupled with her professional experience, have allowed her to refine her expertise in Pediatric Clinical Nutrition, Gluten Sensitivities/Food Allergies and Celiac Disease.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, located in Winston-Salem, NC, is proud to be an innovative academic medical center and health system that has gained national attention for their work. There are many parts to the organization, each have an integral role in providing the best care possible to all patients. The component parts include; Wake Forest School of Medicine, which is proud to be at the forefront of both research and education; Wake Forest Baptist Health provides the structure for the system; Wake Forest Innovations is key in the commercialization of their innovative discoveries. Other patient-focused facilities include; Brenner Children’s Hospital, Wake Forest Baptist Health, among other affiliated facilities, including hospitals, outpatient and physician practices. There are many conditions catered for by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, including a Comprehensive Cancer Center, Orthopedics, Urology and Gluten Related Diseases and Conditions.

The daily responsibilities of Ms. Almond include being fundamental in the establishment of the GLADD (Gluten and Allergic Digestive Disorders) Program, as well advocating for it in her local area and in North Carolina as a whole. She is incredibly proud of her work with the GLADD Program and to have built it up to be a recognized program in the Medical Center. In addition, she is an active member of AND and NASPGHAN and is very proud to have been published in peer-reviewed journals, and she has 3 research studies currently in progress. She credits these successes to the advancements in research and a close working relationship across all branches of healthcare.

Looking to the future, Ms. Almond is passionate about furthering her research within Gluten Sensitivities/Food Allergies, Celiac Disease and Pediatric Clinical Nutrition, and ensuring their importance is promoted across the medical field.

When not working, Ms. Almond loves to spend quality time with her family and friends and likes to relax by watching movies.

GLADD Program Coordinator at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center – Brenner’s Children’s Hospital

  • The GLADD (Gluten & Allergic Digestive Disorders) Program is a comprehensive program dedicated to treating and improving the quality of life for patients with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and allergic digestive diseases such as eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE).

Source: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center – Brenner’s Children’s Hospital