Leader in Medicine

Martin L. Meinig


Dr. Martin L. Meinig, M.D., FACOG, of Klamath Falls, Oregon, has been recognized as “Best in Medicine” by the American Health Council. Dr. Meinig is an acclaimed physician specializing in gynecology and obstetrics and is co-founder of Heartfelt OBGYN, located in the small town of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Dr. Meinig has spent an impressive 20 years working in the healthcare industry and running the practice.

Dr. Meinig was inspired to pursue a career in medicine after discovering his love of finding solutions to the problems his patients were experiencing and seeing the benefits of these solutions. He was inspired to pursue OBGYN specifically as he thrived on the direct contact with the community that it provided him. This led to Dr. Meinig pursuing his Medical Doctorate, which he gained from Drexel University in 1998. He is also FACOG-Board Certified, a Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, which further adds to his prestige in this field.

Dr. Meinig’s practice is committed to providing women with the highest quality care. They pride themselves on the accepting environment and personal touch that they ensure all women receive when they visit the practice as they recognize that each woman has different needs. The practice is always at the forefront of innovation and uses the latest technology to provide exceptional industry-leading standards of care, ensuring that all patients leave the practice feeling happy and satisfied. Women of all ages are catered for at Heartfelt OBGYN, addressing a number of conditions including pregnancy, birth control, menopause, STD care and abnormal bleeding as well as common gynecological issues. The practice is run jointly by Dr. Meinig and his wife, and both are extremely proud of what they have achieved so far, especially as the healthcare sector constantly evolving.

Dr. Meinig has also had many other professional accomplishments throughout his career. These include Medical Director and Board Member of the Klamath Surgery Center and Board Member of Klamath Falls Independent Physicians Association. In addition, he is also past President, and current Board Member of the Klamath County Medical Society. In addition, Dr. Meinig was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha and received the Golden Apple Award.

Dr. Meinig holds a vast array of teaching affiliations and is very proud to host medical students and residents at his practice. He mentors them as well as providing them with valuable insight into all the specialty areas that the office offers through rotation. He attributes his, and his wife’s, success to the ingrained passion they both have for what their job and working together allows them to balance each other out both at work and home.

Outside of work, Dr. Meinig loves to spend as much time as possible outdoors. The Heartfelt Practice is heavily involved with their community and supports many charities including CASA, SMART, Friends of the Children, Ross Ragland Theatre for the Arts, The Mr. Pelican Pageant, Klamath Union ASB-DECE and as well as others.

Looking to the future, Dr. Meinig wants to maintain the high level of care they offer their patients whilst extending their practice within their community.

Physician/Owner at Heartfelt OBGYN

  • Heartfelt OBGYN’s mission is to provide exceptional, personalized women’s health care in a warm and welcoming environment, to incorporate modern technology in their practice and to be at the forefront of knowledge in their field.
  • They are completely patient-focused and strive to exceed their patients’ expectations.

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