Leader in Medicine

Nupur Ghoshal


The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Dr. Nupur Ghoshal, M.D., PhD., as “Best in Medicine.” Drawing on over 17 years experience, Dr. Ghoshal, from St. Louis, Missouri, is highly respected for her contributions as an Associate Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry.

Dr. Ghoshal was interested in medicine from an early age and was particularly passionate about research. She was particularly interested in genetic research and this remained with her throughout her studies.

Having achieved her MD from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, she furthered her studies with her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology. She then pursued both a Residency and a Fellowship at Barnes Jewish Hospital, Washington University.

Dr. Ghoshal has spent 14 years with Washington University; 6 years as an Assistant Professor and 5.5 years as an Associate Professor. Her expertise lies in Neurology, Neurodegenerative disorders, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia. On a day to day basis, she works as a Neurohospitalist focusing on taking care of patients with neurologic conditions in the hospital setting.

The Washington University School of Medicine is committed to advancing human health throughout the world. As noted leaders in patient care, research and education, their outstanding faculty has contributed many discoveries and innovations to science and medicine since the school’s founding in 1891.

Dr. Ghoshal has a passion for educating the doctors of tomorrow; through patient cases, she educates medical students and residents. Dr. Ghoshal also has an outpatient clinic where she generally sees dementia patients and conducts research focused on mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders; Tau protein in Alzheimer disease and Frontotemporal Dementia and the Progranulin protein in Frontotemporal Dementia.

Dr. Ghoshal has enjoyed many successes largely due to her educationally enriched jobs and environments. She works with bright and forward-thinking minds who are ‘go getters’. Dr. Ghoshal has had excellent mentors and role models throughout her career and is constantly using new avenues to reinvent herself and stay current on new practices.

Over the years, Dr. Ghoshal has achieved numerous accolades including Chief Resident, Outstanding Alumni Under 40 and the Richard & Mildred Poletsky Award for contributions to dementia care & research (2008). She has also been a Tau Consortium Fellow for 2018-19, and is affiliated with the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Neurology, the Phi Kappa Phi Society of Neuroscience, the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, and Sigma Xi. She has been named a Top Doctor in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. She is currently the President of the Medical Alumni Board.

Looking to the future, Dr. Ghoshal plans to specialize in the research of Non-Alzheimer’s Dementia and begin doing clinical trials based off that research and patient population.

When not busy working, Dr. Ghoshal loves to pursue her interests in fine arts, theatre, museums, and the ballet. She also enjoys dining with friends. Keen to give back to the community, Dr. Ghoshal contributes charitably to the Alzheimer’s Association and the Northwestern University Medical Alumni Board. She is currently President-Elect of the Medical Alumni Board.