Leader in Medicine

Patricia Dang


The American Health Council has cordially appointed Dr. Patricia Dang, D.O., as “Best in Medicine.” With just under a decade of experience within the healthcare industry, Dr. Dang has made exceptional contributions and impact within her specialist area of internal medicine.

Having always wanted to be a general medicine practitioner, travel the world for medical missions and work in international medicine, Dr. Dang began studying for her medical doctorate at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she graduated in 2008.

Dr. Dang has been working in her current position as a hospitalist for five years at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Since Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (LLUCH) was completed in 1993, nearly 900 beds are now available for patient care, including at Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus and Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center (LLUBMC). Loma Linda University Health Care (LLUHC) is a management service organization that supports the numerous programs and services provided by their 400+ faculty physicians. Every year, the institution admits just over 33,000 inpatients and helps approximately half a million outpatients. LLUMC is the only level one regional trauma center for Inyo, Mono, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

The center offers a variety of products and services including an emergency department, family medicine, mental health, men’s health, women’s health, palliative care, pain management, rehabilitation, plastic surgery, robotic surgery, pediatrics, pharmacy, metabolic and bariatric surgery, transplantation, fertility, gastroenterology, hepatology, gynecology, nephrology, neurosurgery, neuropathic therapy, obstetrics,
ophthalmology, pulmonology, and rheumatology. Patients are treated for a variety of conditions including asthma and allergy, cancer, cardiology, vascular, clinical trials, dentistry, diabetes, ear, nose, and throat problems, sleep disorders, urogynecology, and urology problems.

As a hospitalist, Dr. Dang works with her patients to actively relieve their pain. Additionally, she also educates first and second year medical students at the University of California Riverside.

Looking back at her many achievements, Dr. Dang is particularly proud of fulfilling her dream of completing a medical mission. In July 2016, she went over to Vietnam for her first medical mission trip with Good Samaritan; she hopes this will be the first of many in the future.

Dr. Dang aims to constantly broaden her knowledge and share her expertise through her membership to the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California and the American Osteopathic Association.

Looking into the future, Dr. Dang would like to become involved in a research and quality improvement project. She would also like to continue to provide her expert care to the underserved, as well as give back further to the community. In the years ahead, Dr. Dang plans to continue to teach her students, and would love to have her work published.

When not busy working, Dr. Dang enjoys spending time with her daughters, camping, swimming, traveling, going to the beach and taking piano lessons. She also volunteers regularly with Good Samaritan.

Internist at Loma Linda University Health

  • Loma Linda University Health Care (LLUHC), a management service organization, supports the many programs and services provided by 400+ faculty physicians.
  • Each year, the institution admits more than 33,000 inpatients and serves roughly half a million outpatients.

Source: Loma Linda University Health