Leader in Medicine

Dr. Richard J. Juda


The American Health Council has welcomed Dr. Richard J. Juda, MD, MBA, CPE, as ” Best in Medicine” in recognition of his extensive experience in Healthcare Management as CEO of Innovative Health Group.

Dr. Juda graduated from St. George’s University School of Medicine and attended the University of Connecticut School of Medicine where he completed postgraduate clinical medical training in general Surgery and Anesthesia. He supplemented his clinical training with fellowship training at Yale University in a variety of areas including Anesthesia/Critical Care/Trauma. This helped him to gain extensive knowledge in the aforementioned areas and widen his clinical skill set. After completing this training, he wanted to increase his knowledge in business development so secured a Certified Physician Executive Degree from the Certifying Commission in Medical Management and then attended the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management, where he secured his Master’s in Business Administration.

As CEO of Innovative Healthcare Group, Dr. Juda has curated expert hospital business management programs that include training models to account for all business areas associated with healthcare. Innovative Healthcare Group assists clients in a wide variety of areas including leadership, healthcare systems, optimizing processes, developing clinical programs and driving profitability to name but a few. The expertise of Dr. Juda himself includes mergers and acquisitions, physician relations, operational improvement, hospital operations and much more.

He is extremely proud that the business platform he establishes for hospitals and medical staff generating more than $150 million in profits and revenue growth for his clients. The consistent growth created by Dr. Juda is evident as one client grew profits steadily over a three-year period from $9 million, to $15 million and then to $23 million in the 3rd year through Innovative Healthcare Group’s consulting platform.

To continue furthering his learning and professional development, Dr. Juda is a member of a variety of professional organizations including the American Association for Physician Leadership, the American College of Healthcare Executives and the American College of Healthcare Trustees, among others.