Leader in Medicine

Robert Geller


Dr. Robert Geller has been warmly welcomed as “Best in Medicine” by the American Health Council in recognition of his role as an attending ER, drawing on an impressive forty-five years experience.

Having always had a passion for medicine, Dr. Geller aspired to become a physician from a young age and has always admired the various opportunities that a career in medicine provides. Dr. Geller has naturally progressed throughout his extensive career, leading to him serving as an attending ER for the past nine years. 

In order to fulfill his dreams of becoming a physician, Dr. Geller attended Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine where he graduated in 1971 with his Doctorate. Once he completed his studies, Dr. Geller enjoyed a successful and fruitful career in the healthcare industry, spending the last nine years working as an attending ER at Physician Practice Enhancement, LLC. As an attending ER, Dr. Geller treats a variety of medical conditions, covering all age groups – all of whom he gives the highest quality emergency care.

Physician Practice Enhancement was established in 1994 in New Jersey to provide emergency services. Since opening, PPE has grown significantly and is now able to provide all hospital based services in the Northeast region. The medical establishment is committed to giving top quality, cost effective, consumer-oriented physician and practice management that enhance the collective efforts of the group. Although PPE provides medical assistance for all areas, the major services they supply are emergency medicine, anesthesia, pathology, radiology, behavioral health, acute care and urgent care. 

Throughout his prosperous career, Dr. Geller has been recognized for numerous professional contributions and accomplishments. He attributes his successful career to his passion for medicine as well as working considerably hard. One accomplishment that he is especially proud of is being Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. Additionally, he is honored to have been able to positively impact numerous lives.

Looking into the future, Dr. Geller is looking forward to transitioning into retirement. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family; Dr. Geller plans to do more of this when he’s retired. 

Physician Practice Enhancement, LLC

  • PPE has the expertise, experience and resources of a national group, strong academic residency affiliations and a strong, sophisticated infrastructure, but is flexible in creating individual solutions for its Hospital partners.
  • Physician Practice Enhancement was established in 1994 in new Jersey to provide emergency services. PPE has grown its scope of services to now providing all hospital-based physician services in the Northeast region.

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Professional Accomplishments

  • Board Certified in Emergency Medicine.
  • Proud of his work in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Geller is honored by how many lives he has positively impacted.