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Udayashree Nune


The American Health Council recently elected Udayashree Nune, MD as “Best in Medicine” for her outstanding contributions to the medical field. A primary care doctor at Hendry Regional Medical Center in Clewiston, Fla., Dr. Nune provides high-quality care for patients. While she has held her current role for over 10 years, she has spent over 38 years in the healthcare field expanding her expertise in various aspects of family medicine.

Throughout her childhood, Dr. Nune grew up on a farm that hosted an array of animals. One of her many chores and responsibilities was to clean up after them, a task she dreaded. When she complained, her mother advised her to become a doctor so she would no longer have to perform similar tasks again. Taking her mother’s advice seriously, Dr. Nune decided to pursue a career in the medical field. She enrolled at the Kurnool Medical College in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India and earned a medical degree in 1980. She then completed an internship in internal medicine at Graduate Hospital, a facility within the Tenet Healthcarenetwork, and later, finished a residency in family medicine at Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania.

After completing a rigorous academic training, Dr. Nune immediately began practicing in the medical field. During the 1980s, she introduced fertility techniques and conception to women in Libya — an accomplishment she is very proud of. The Florida Rural Health Association awarded Dr. Nune with the Rural Physician of the Year Award in 2012, an accolade that recognizes a medical doctor’s leadership to provide health services to rural communities, many of which lack basic healthcare services. Additionally, she volunteers at local free clinics and ensures that anyone who seeks health care services has access to it, regardless of financial status.

In her free time, she enjoys to garden around her home. She attributes her successful career to her passion for helping her patients, as they often tell her that she has changed their lives. She plans to continue to excel her patient-centered career by raising awareness and bringing attention to fellow doctors about the importance of focusing on the patient rather than charting.

Primary Care Doctor at Hendry Regional Medical Center     

  • In 2011, Hendry Regional Medical Center opened its a 37,000 square-foot Emergency Department, which encompasses an emergency room, surgery suite, imaging services, laboratory and out-patient services department.
  • Hendry Regional Medical Center’s mission is “to excel in quality, compassion, and innovation to make our community healthier.”
  • Hendry Regional Medical Center will accomplish this mission through striving continuously toward excellence through performance improvement activities, identifying our customers and endeavoring to exceed their expectations and promoting a consistent focus on the patient through a collaborative relationship with physicians and all other healthcare providers.

Sources: www.hendryregional.org

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