Leader in Medicine

Victoria J. Mondloch

M.D., SC

Dr. Victoria Mondloch

The American Health Council has welcomed Dr. Victoria J. Mondloch, MD, SC as “Best in Medicine” in recognition of her outstanding dedication in the field of Women’s Health.

Dr. Mondloch is a practicing physician with over 34 years of experience specializing in Preventive Health and Wellness, Family medicine and Women’s Health.

Dr. Mondloch received her degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin.  Dr. Mondloch’s personal and professional mission is to be a national leader in her field and a strong desire to be on the cutting edge of medical innovation and therapy.  She is also the national physician trainer for her new group, RHM or Regenerative Health Maintenance which focuses on wellness, balancing hormones and regenerative medicine.

Some of the services that her practice provide include:  Hormone balancing, In office phlebotomy/lab draw services at either insurance covered or heavily discounted prices, In-office trigger point injections or ‘wet needling’ utilizing all natural plant-based Sarapin, pulsed electrotherapy and pulsed electromagnetic therapy, in-office breast and whole body screening with thermography, in-office Alzheimer’s screening, genetic and epigenetic food testing/sensitivities testing and New Patient appointments within 48hrs and same-day urgent appointments.  Dr. Mondloch also offers exosome therapy for appropriate patients and offers cosmetic facial injections for correction and cosmetic as well as medical Botox for appropriate patients.

Dr. Mondloch maintains affiliations with the American Medical Association, American Assoc of Family Practice and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Dr. Mondloch is a physician volunteer on an energy medicine research project that has recently finished the development phase and is entering the Phase 1 safety and proof of concept phase.

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