Leader in Medicine

Fred Courtney


Highland Gynecology & Obstetrics is welcoming Dr. Fred Courtney to their practice, partnering with Dr. Brian Jolitz. Dr. Courtney will be performing deliveries and surgeries at Highland District Hospital, and is currently accepting new obstetrics and gynecological patients, and Dr. Jolitz is currently accepting new gynecological patients.

Dr. Fred Courtney is highly experienced in primary and clinical care, preventative medicine, cesarean deliveries, gynecological evaluations, minimally invasive surgeries, prenatal care and management, and management of routine and high risk obstetrical conditions.

Dr. Courtney and his wife Jamie now reside in Hillsboro, are animal lovers, and have plans to start a farm — all while raising their three children in Highland County.

Source: Highland Gynecology & Obstetrics

Physician at Highland Gynecology and Obstetrics