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Georges Jabaly


Dr. Georges Jabaly, MD has been warmly welcomed as “Best in Medicine” by the American Health Council for his 35 years’ dedicated service to healthcare as a physician.

Dr. Georges Jabaly was inspired to pursue medicine by witnessing the care his mother received as a cancer patient. He began his medical studies at The University Of Aleppo in Syria, receiving his MD in 1985. Since moving to the US, Dr. Jabaly never missed an opportunity to connect with his patients, from lecturing at Mercy College to long office hours and weekends putting in the work to help his patients. But that wasn’t it all. The Dr. Jabaly Show on WCWA was one of the first contributions he did on the social media platform, followed by building a thorough ever-developing website and a YouTube channel that has testimonials from real patients commending what he does. Our Facebook page is what Dr.Jabaly is mostly involved with, replying to patients’ concerns and messages.
His areas of expertise include Family Medicine, Weight Loss, Addiction Medicine and Suboxone Treatment.

In 2005, Dr. Georges Jabaly established MN Angels Clinic as known as Dr.Jabaly’s Office, which he continues to lead as its Director. Dr.Jabaly’s Office specializes in holistic care, reflecting Dr.Jabaly’s belief that by promoting lifestyle changes alongside the unique care programs offered through the practice, he can offer the best care possible based on each patient’s needs.
The office offers many family practice services in addition to unique care programs, including the Dr. Jabaly Weight Loss Program, the final solution to any weight problem with a success rate over 90 percent.

Lately, Dr. Jabaly’s Office has got a new innovation to better help weightlossweight loss patients with the stubborn fat, and it’s all in the name SculpSure. This machine targets the fat cells destroying them for good.
On a daily basis, Dr. Jabaly provides primary care services to his patients, emphasizing holistic treatment and promoting healthy lifestyles. He is constantly advancing his practice to better serve his patients, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance as well. He is motivated by the support of his family, his faith, and his passion for promoting better lifestyles.

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  • Georges Jabaly, MD, MSBS, is a board-certified family care physician and weight loss specialist.

Source: https://www.drjabaly.com/

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