Leader in Medicine

Gerald Morley


The American Health Council honors Gerald Morley, MD as one of America’s “Best in Medicine.” With over 53 years of knowledge and expertise in Clinical Neurophysiology, Dr. Morley offers a variety of advanced contributions to patient care. He is currently a Neurologist at Electromyography Associates and has been in his role for 30 years.

Dr. Morely pursued his career at the University of Utah, where he received his Medical Degree in 1964. He carried out his Residency in Electromyography for two years at the University of Minnesota. He attributes his success as a Neurologist to his excellent training, from the many instructors and colleagues that he has worked with over the years.

The Central Nervous System and the effect of Physical Neuropathy have always intrigued Dr. Morley, he chose his profession in Medicine because of this fascination. He was also interested in the evaluation of the disease process especially with pain disorders and pain relief. He then focused his research on finding new ways to treat these disorders and how different procedures can affect the body based on the condition of the patient.

Each day, Dr. Morley treats patients that have different types of neurological disorders. He is responsible for diagnosing unknown ailments by using EMGs as a diagnostic tool to spot out different nerve disorders, pain disorders, and other neurological complications.

Gerald Morley, MD was honored as America’s Top Neurologist in 2009 and in 2012. He has also published many works of his own, which summarize the results of the clinical studies he has conducted. However, Dr. Morley believes that there is no bigger achievement than having shared his knowledge with others and is proud of being a Clinical Professor at the University of Minnesota from 1970-1991.

As a Neurologist, Dr. Morley is affiliated with several medical groups such the American Academy of Neurology and the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society.

On his own time, Dr. Morley tends to others who are in need by donating to his local church.

Looking ahead, Dr. Morley will be dedicating his time to the Electromyography Associates and affiliated pain clinics in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Committed to the highest standards of patient care and excellence in neurological and neuropsychological disorders.
  • Expertise in Clinical Neurophysiology.
  • Spent 30 years in current position, has dedicated fifty-three years to the healthcare industry.
  • Taught as a Clinical Professor at the University of Minnesota from 1970-1991.
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