Leader in Medicine

Greer Adams


The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Ms. Greer Adams, BS as “Best in Medicine.” Amassing an impressive 27 year’s worth experience working in the Healthcare industry, Ms. Adams has been recognized for her achievements as a pharmacist.

Ms. Adams first became involved in the pharmaceutical industry due to a young love of sciences developed during her time at school. This, combined with the drive to find a career that would enable her to help others, started her on the path to becoming a pharmacist.

Ms. Adams career began after she completed her studies in Pharmacy at the Xavier University, where she graduated receiving her BS in 1991. Since gaining experience working professionally as a pharmacist and developing a desire to progress with her medical knowledge, Ms. Adams returned to education to study Health Care Administration at the LSU Shreveport – she is due to graduate May 2019, attaining her MS. With an ongoing enthusiasm to broaden her knowledge, Ms. Adams is also an active member of the American College of Health Care Excellence.

Ms. Adams has spent the past 14 years fulfilling the role of pharmacist, practicing in the State of Louisiana as part of the state operated behavioral health clinics.

Specializing in psychiatric pharmacy, Ms. Adams daily duties as a pharmacist provide her with a variety of responsibilities, including counseling patients when necessary, filling scripts, certification work and administrative work. In addition to filling prescriptions, Ms. Adams is able provide clinical support and pharmaceutical information to the health care team and clients regarding medication use, side effects and interactions. Ms. Adams also has the proficiency to administer flu vaccinations and anti-psychotic medications to patients.

In the running of her practice, Ms. Adams ensures quality management and compliance with guidelines recommended by accrediting and regulatory agencies. Alongside her role as pharmacist, Ms. Adams also displays expertize in developing policies and procedures, which also includes her participating in a P&T committee and taking an active role in safe medication use meetings. Ms. Adams also commits her time to training pharmacy students.

Ms. Adams attributes her success to the empathy she displays with her patients, as well as her work ethic. In the future, Ms. Adams aspires to work in a more administrative capacity and to enhance policies.

In her time away from work, Ms. Adams enjoys cooking and reading whilst spending her time helping animal rescue. Ms. Adams also dedicates her time where possible to church organization work and outreach within the community organizations.

Pharmacist for the State of Louisiana as part of the State Operated Behavioral Health Clinics