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Heinrich Wichmann


The American Health Council has cordially appointed Mr. Heinrich Wichmann as “Best in Medicine.” With over two decades of experience in the pharmacy sector, Mr. Wichmann, from Gorham, Maine, is a highly distinguished and respected Staff Pharmacist.

Mr. Wichmann was educated in South Africa after his national service. Unfortunately, he had several medical issues as a young child, but these experiences led him to feel that pharmacy would be a good fit for him and helped to shape his future career path.

Having attained his B.Pharm in Pharmacy from Northwestern University in 1998, Mr. Wichmann developed solid expertise in Pharmacy Services and has spent the past nine years working as a Staff Pharmacist for Walgreens Retail Pharmacy. On a day to day basis, Mr. Wichmann dispenses medications and educates his customers on medicine safety. He also acts as a liaison between patients, physicians and insurance companies. Key tasks include; managing refill and pick up prescriptions, checking prescription statuses, auto refills, processing new prescriptions, printing prescription records and providing prescription information.

An active member of the American Pharmacy Association, Mr. Wichmann believes that his success stems from his honesty and his willingness to be active in his community.

Looking to the future, Mr. Wichmann plans to continue to work in retail for at least the next five years. When not busy working, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching youth baseball.

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