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Igor Palacios


The American Health Council is proud to honor Igor Palacios, MD as “Best in Medicine” for his unparalleled contributions to the medical field. As the director of interventional cardiology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Mass. — a role he has held for over 28 years — Dr. Palacios leads the department to prosperity, ensuring that all functions operate smoothly daily. Throughout a 45-year career, Dr. Palacios has expanded his expertise in valve disease, especially mitral valve, and interventional cardiology. Additionally, he serves as a professor of medicine at the prestigious Harvard Medical School.

With a passion for interventional cardiology, Dr. Palacios decided to pursue a career in the medical field with a goal to become a cardiologist. He enrolled at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and earned a medical surgeon degree in 1969 with Magna Cum Laude honors. After graduation, he completed a training program at the University Hospital in Caracas, Venezuela. By 1974, he relocated to Massachusetts to practice cardiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and in 1990, he was appointed director of the interventional cardiology program at the medical institution where he has since assumed a leadership role. He controls clinical outcomes, selects clinical trials and oversees the administration of the fellowship program within the hospital.

Dr. Palacios is board-certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology. Throughout his career, he has written a variety of peer-reviewed publications, and serves as a member of the editorial board of peer-reviewed journals in cardiology. His education and skills garnered him several accolades and recognitions in both the United States and Latin America. Venezuela awarded him the Gran Cordón del Liberador (Grand Rope of the Liberator) in 1999, the highest honor awarded by the Republic of Venezuela. He was recognized by Woodward/White Inc., as one of the Best Doctors in the United States for more than a decade, and received the Clinician of the Year Award in 1997.

Preserving and proudly exhibiting his Hispanic roots, Dr. Palacios is a founding member of the Latin American Society for Interventional Cardiology. He established interventional cardiology clinical trials throughout Latin America, and serves as a mentor and educator to cardiologists in the Massachusetts General Hospital fellowship program, a feat he considers to be one of his grandest professional accomplishments. Dr. Palacios attributes his success to excellent patient care and continued research within his field.

In his free time, he enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle by playing tennis. He is incredibly proud of his family, including his wife, Candy, and his daughter, Lily. He is also proud to be a Latino American who was given the opportunity to excel and succeed in his chosen career. Dr. Palacios plans to continue to reach personal and professional goals within the next five years, including establishing an International Research Institute.

Director of Interventional Cardiology at Massachusetts General Hospital 

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Source: www.massgeneral.org

Professional Accomplishments

  • Board-certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology.
  • Was awarded the Gran Cordón del Liberador (Grand Rope of the Liberator) in 1999, the highest honor awarded by the Republic of Venezuela.
  • Awarded the Clinician of the Year Award in 1997.