Leader in Medicine

Janet L. Lee


The American Health Council has cordially appointed Dr. Janet Lee, M.D., FACS, as Best in Medicine. Working in the healthcare industry for fourteen years, Dr. Lee is an expert in the field of Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery.

When she was younger, Dr. Lee gained inspiration from her grandfather when he said there were only three legitimate professions; teacher, lawyer and physician. Dr. Lee felt medicine was a better fit for her as she thought she’d be too limited as a lawyer or teacher. She liked the idea of working with people individually, whilst making an impact on their lives. 

To be able to pursue her chosen career, Dr. Lee attended the University of Michigan to study for her MD; she went on to complete this and graduated in 1997. Following this accomplishment, Dr. Lee enrolled at Baylor College of Medicine between 1997 – 2003 to fulfil an internship in general surgery as well as residency in otolaryngology. Finally, Dr. Lee completed her fellowship at Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery between 2003 – 2004. 

Initially, Dr. Lee was involved with rotations in internal medicine and disliked it, so decided to move to surgical rotations, which she instantly knew was the right decision. Dr. Lee loved the opportunity to use her ability to fix issues and develop ongoing relationships with her patients. 

Currently, Dr. Lee is working as a Physician/Surgeon and has been fulfilling this role at Florida ENT and Allergy for four years. All professions and staff working at the organization strive to give exceptional ear, nose and throat care for all patients. For over four decades, the practice has been serving the general public throughout the Tampa Bay area with all-inclusive, finest quality services and care. The practice offers numerous treatments and services for their patients as well as specializing in a variety of illnesses. These include allergy testing and treatment, CT scans, voice and swallowing, head and neck cancer, hearing tests, skin cancer removal, minimally invasive-face, pediatric ENT, nasal and sinus disease, balloon sinuplasty, thyroid and parathyroid surgery, snoring and sleep issues, hearing aids, vestibular/balance disorders, cosmetic surgery and skin care services. 

On a daily basis, Dr. Lee has a vast range of responsibilities including working in a private practice focusing on ear nose and throat, as well as sinus and allergy. Dr. Lee sees patients of all ages, both adult and pediatric. Her time is split relatively even with 60% of her time in general otolaryngology and 40% of her time doing facial and reconstructive surgery. Her specialty entails the complexity of the head and neck, the structural problems, the ramifications, the ability to reconstruct and restore someone’s safe image and this is what she loves about her position.

Throughout her impressive year career, Dr. Lee has enjoyed a variety of successes. She attributes these achievements to also striving to provide the finest possible care for her patients. Dr. Lee gains great gratification from being able to help someone with their confidence, self-image and functionality. 

To ensure she continues to expand and share her knowledge with fellow professionals, Dr. Lee is a member of a variety of of professional associations. She is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery and a Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 

Looking into the future, Dr. Lee aims to continue to give the best quality care to her patients in her specialist areas of facial and plastic reconstructive surgery, facial rejuvenation, and rhinology, including aesthetic and functional aspects of the nose.

When not working, Dr. Lee enjoys spending quality time with her family and animals. She also enjoys baking, running and swimming, whilst actively volunteering at Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue.