Leader in Medicine

Jeffrey S. Block


Jeffrey S. Block, M.D.Jeffrey S. Block, M.D. is a nationally respected authority in both the health-care and natural earth sciences concerning botanical medicine education and research, and the principal partner of Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants, a professional independent consultancy providing client organizations with advanced scientific guidance. This industry-wide consultancy provides insight by translating the evolving new science’s evidence-based objective data. These essential analyses benefit a client’s ultimate success by providing knowledge of critical competitive advantages needed to reach performance goals.

He achieved his bachelor’s degree from Emory University (1978) majoring in analytical chemistry with a minor in psychology and received his Medical Doctorate from the University of Miami (1982). Block is an American Board-Certified Anesthesiologist who is additionally Fellowship trained in Pain Management & Addiction Medicine. “DocBlock” has served as President of the Miller School of Medicine’s Medical Alumni Association, and has shared his diverse expertise as a popular medical lecturer over the past decade.

Dr. Block was chosen as the Florida Medical Association (FMA) “Designated Expert on Botanical Medicines”, and was appointed to structure the framework and author the introductory chapter for physician education as mandated by Florida’s Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014. He subsequently was selected by Florida’s Surgeon General to serve as the only physician appointed to Florida’s Department of Health’s Negotiated Rule-Making Committee that determined the existing rules regarding Florida’s first botanical medicine legislation concerning endocannabinoid receptor responses to non-psychoactive cannabidiol cultivars known as “Charlotte’s Web” strains. He is innovating international leadership by advancing endocannabinoid science by promoting the training of clinical physicians and researchers through The ESIRD Institute. This program will be responsible for contributing education to realize its ultimate mission: To provide Endocannabinoid Science Interdisciplinary Research and Development to improve healthcare’s future.

This unique combination of science and education backgrounds additionally include being an internationally awarded horticulturist and water quality expert as CEO of Block Botanical Gardens in Miami, Florida; a leading Institutional Member of the American Public Gardens Association (APGA). In this capacity, Dr. Block also serves the Florida Department of Agriculture Extension Office’s programming as a highly regarded Certified Master Gardener and course educator for the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.