Leader in Medicine

Karen Arnold


The American Health Council selected Karen Arnold, BS, PA-C to its Board of Physicians. A physician assistant at Lakeside Urgent Care in Burbank, Calif., Ms. Arnold provides immediate walk-in treatment for patients suffering from a variety of illnesses and injuries. Since entering the healthcare industry 16 years ago, Ms. Arnold has garnered skills and knowledge in the emergency room and urgent care and all its diversity, especially orthopedics, pediatrics and dermatology. The American Health Council is proud to honor Ms. Arnold with its “Steadfast P.A.” award, which honors the 50 Best Physician Assistants across every state. The award recognizes physician assistants and institutions that have contributed significantly to medicine, as well as the training and education of physician assistants. From small-town clinics to major metropolitan medical centers, these physician assistants exhibit the qualities that define the benchmark for their specialty.

After working as a computer system engineer, Ms. Arnold felt called to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant. She first earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Information and Decision Systems, from San Diego State University in 1988. In 2002, she obtained a Physician Assistant Certification from Le Moyne College and immediately began realizing her goal to help others.

Nationally certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants, Ms. Arnold contributes her success to her passion for helping others. While the changing medical field constantly challenges her, she overcomes obstacles through positivity and her faith. To continue to expand her skills, she is a member of several professional associations, including the Christian Medical and Dental Association, the Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants, the American Association of Physician Assistants and the California Academy of Physician Assistants.

In her free time, Ms. Arnold enjoys traveling around the country and abroad, as well as reading, painting, scuba diving and photography. She has participated in several medical mission trips to South and Central America with the Christian Medical and Dental Association, and to Russia, Latvia and Mexico, with her church. Additionally, she is a member of the medical emergency response team for the Calvary Community Church and a member of Zoe International, a ministry to rescue children from human trafficking In the next five years, Ms. Arnold would like to continue to extend her missionary travels to new countries, as well as provide medical care to underserved areas locally and internationally.

Physician Assistant at Lakeside Urgent Care  

  • Ms. Arnold provides immediate walk-in treatment for patients suffering from an array of illnesses and injuries.
  • Originally in the computer industry, Ms. Arnold pursued a career as a physician assistant after suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Obtained a Physician Assistant-Certification from LeMoyne College in 2002.

Charitable Organizations

  • Participates in medical missions with her local church and the Christian Medical and Dental Association
  • Member of the medical emergency response team for the Calvary Community Church
  • Zoe International member