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Kathleen Franco


Dr. Franco earned an MD in Medicine from Univ. of Toledo College of Medicine (1970), and completed a residency and fellowship in General and Child Psychiatry. She has worked at The Cleveland Clinic for 25 years and has been Associate Dean of The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine for 12 years. At CCLM, the focus is on educating “a limited number of highly qualified persons who seek to become physician investigators and scientists committed to the advancement of biomedical research and clinical practice.”

As Associate Dean, Dr. Franco works with students to put their patients first, understand the impact of culture on patient outcomes, and to always strive to be their best. Dr. Franco’s major clinical services within consultation-liaison psychiatry include cancer care, OBGYN/women’s health, neurological, respiratory, heart & vascular, and digestive diseases. She also possesses expertise in delirium and dementia. She chose a psychiatric profession because it allows her to interact with her patients more than any other specialty in the medical field. According to Dr. Franco, she enjoys the interaction with her patients as well as having a comprehensive approach when treating their minds and bodies. Some of her responsibilities consist of activities within the medical school admissions committee, including training students and residents who see patients, and participating in physician reviews.

Dr. Franco’s accolades include winning Teacher of the Year four times, and receiving The Nightingale Physician Collaboration Awards from the nurses at The Cleveland Clinic. She is associated with The American Psychiatric AssociationThe American College of PhysiciansThe American College of Psychiatrists, and The American Psychosomatic Association, among others. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. Her charitable causes include Community Health Initiative and local church activities.

In her spare time, Dr. Franco enjoys arts and crafts, traveling, photography, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Source: Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

Associate Dean at The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

  • The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine offers an innovative medical school program with a mission to train physician investigators. From admissions criteria and supportive financial aid, to curriculum design and student assessment, every aspect of CCLCM is focused on helping students develop the skills of self-directed learning for success as both physician and an investigator.
  • The mission of the CCLCM is to “educate a limited number of highly qualified persons who seek to become physician investigators and scientists committed to the advancement of biomedical research and clinical practice”.
  • Cleveland Clinic health system includes eight regional hospitals, 16 family health centers, a children’s hospital for rehabilitation and one affiliate hospital.
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