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Keith Berndtson


Dr. Keith Berndtson, MD, is a graduate of Rush Medical College. He finished his family medicine residency in 1985 and practiced primary care until 1991 when he served as medical director for the Rush Corporate Health Center. In 1996 he became a regional medical director for American WholeHealth. In 2007 he founded Park Ridge MultiMed, an integrative medicine practice in Park Ridge, Illinois, that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of multisymptom, multisystem illnesses that persist despite routine medical care.

In 2012 he completed a Lyme disease training program sponsored by the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance. He is now a leading midwestern resource for patients who have, or may have, Lyme disease. He finds that many Lyme patients non-responsive to treatment suffer from mold toxicity and is certified to evaluate and treat patients using Dr. Shoemaker’s data-driven protocol for chronic inflammatory response syndrome. He carries this kind of expertise into his evaluation and treatment of people with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, gluten sensitivity, and other chronic illnesses.

His peer-reviewed article, Review of evidence for immune evasion and persistent infection in Lyme disease (International Journal of General Medicine 2013;6:291-306) achieved a high social media score (Altmetric), reaching an upper bound of over 10,000 followers. Other articles, reviews, and chapters have appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Current Review of Alternative Medicine, Chicago Medicine, Physician Executive, Ambulatory Outreach, and Healthcare Financial Management.

He served as consulting editor for The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs, and The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines. He is also a coauthor of The Immune Advantage by Rodale Press. His book of essays, Seek Wisdom: The Modern Quest for Health and Sustainability, is currently available through Amazon.com.

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Owner of Private Practice – Park Ridge Multi Med

  • Park Ridge Multi Med’s goal is help patients restore and maintain functional integrity by addressing the root dynamics of their illness.
  • Park Ridge Multi Med continues to join a growing number of Universities, hospitals and community based medical centers. They work together to create a more personalized, functional, integrative, evidence-based approach to the care of persons with chronic illnesses.

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