Leader in Medicine

Keith A. Perry


Dr. Keith A. Perry, Medical Director of Precision Pain Treatment Clinic in Smithfield, Rhode Island, has been elected to join the American Health Council’s Physician Board. With 27 years in the healthcare industry, including 4 in his current role, Dr. Perry is being commended for his expertise in Interventional Pain Pain Management and Anesthesia.

Obtaining his MD degree from the University of Vermont in 1985, Dr. Perry became involved in his profession due to his inner desire to explore an interesting and important field. He harbors a love for the challenges faced every day and the opportunity to help others. Dr. Perry attributes his continuous success to his ongoing effort in helping people. His passion has helped him excel within his career.

At Precision Pain Treatment Clinic, Dr. Perry engages in daily responsibilities, including working with Pain Management clients, as well as performing diagnostic and therapeutic injections. Dr. Perry avoids prescribing opioids and muscle relaxers.

Dr. Perry has garnered numerous awards and honors, including being Chief Resident at Meridia Huron Hospital during his last year of Residency, and a Fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia at Buffalo Children’s Hospital. He is a member of the American Medical Association and Rhode Island Medical Society.

For the next 5 years, Dr. Perry anticipates instituting more treatment options with Regenerative Medicine. He would like to establish more efficient treatments that have the potential to heal and provide sustained functional improvements.

In his spare time, Dr. Perry enjoys kayaking and spending time outdoors, as well as donating to the World Wildlife Fund and ASPCA.


Medical Director at Precision Pain Treatment Clinic

  • Precision Pain Treatment Clinic strives to enhance patients’ quality of life through not only a decrease in pain but also by improving their ability to participate in activates they enjoy. Each patient is prescribed an individually- tailored treatment plan after being thoroughly evaluated by their physicians.