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Kori Anderson


The American Health Council honored Kori Anderson, MMS, PA-C as Best in Medicine for her contributions to the medical field. A Physician Assistant at North Jersey Health and Wellness in New Jersey, Ms. Anderson diagnoses and manages patients’ treatment plans. While she has held her current role for about four months, she has spent the last five years in the healthcare industry expanding her skills and knowledge in neuropsychiatric and neuropsychological disorders, substance abuse, and chronic pain while building relationships with her patients and establishing trust.

Ms. Anderson decided to pursue a career in the healthcare industry after she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. She was initially diagnosed by a physician assistant and that experience sparked her interest in the profession. After earning her Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University in 2010, she was accepted into Midwestern University’s Physician Assistant program and in addition to obtaining her Physician Assistant’s certificate, she earned her Masters of Medical Science with a clinical focus on bioethics in 2013. During her psychiatry rotation, she was offered a job on her first day because her love and intrigue for psychiatry and neurology was glaringly evident to her first supervising physician. That same year, she accepted a job at Metropolitan Neuro Behavioral Institute in Chandler, Arizona. While working at Metro NBI, she assisted in the opening of the acute care psychiatric hospital Oasis Behavioral Health in Chandler, AZ, where she assisted in performing the medical director duties under her mentor Lauro Amezcua-Patino, whom she attributes her training and unique clinical approach to. At Oasis Behavioral, she performed patient care, trained students, helped train staff and incoming residents, and served on the Quality Council, the Medical Records Committee, the Credentialing Committee and the Committee on Medical Services.

Ms. Anderson is licensed in outpatient detox and suboxone maintenance. She has been trained in child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric psychiatry. She specializes in co-occurring disorders as well as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. She worked in interventional pain management and familiarized herself in chronic pain conditions, as well as substance abuse disorders and chronic illnesses. She worked closely with veterans during her career in Arizona. Upon moving to New Jersey, she worked with the Ryan White Foundation, state drug courts and non-profit organizations until her career eventually led her to her current position where she now applies her myriad of skills at North Jersey Health and Wellness.

Ms. Anderson is a member of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants (NJSSPA), the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA),  and the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP). She is involved with the New Jersey Sharing Network, helping to spread awareness about organ donations and taking part in fundraising for organ donors and recipients. Additionally, Ms. Anderson supports the Forget Me Not Foundation and the Al-Anon Family Groups. With a successful career at hand — one that she attributes to her passion for helping her patients and her ability to empathize with them — Ms. Anderson plans to continue to build relationships with her patients and contribute to her practice at North Jersey Health and Wellness. North Jersey Health & Wellness is a comprehensive health care practice with a holistic and integrative approach to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various physical and mental health conditions for seniors, adults, and adolescents. She looks forward to working with her supervising physician Dr. Derek Berberian and the experienced NJHW team to provide neuropsychiatric services across New Jersey.

New Jersey Health & Wellness

Physician Assistant at North Jersey Health and Wellness 

  • North Jersey Health & Wellness is a private, comprehensive health care practice with a holistic and integrative approach to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various physical and mental health conditions for seniors, adults, and adolescents.
  • Founded in 2015 by Derek Berberian, MD the practice offers each client a tailored, individualized treatment plan.
  • North Jersey Health & Wellness is unique in that they offer general and preventive healthcare services as well as outpatient therapy and neuropsychiatric services including comprehensive mental health and outpatient neurologic evaluation for common conditions such as insomnia, weight loss, ADHD, movement disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, among many other conditions.

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