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Leader in Medicine

Selection for the American Health Council’s “Leader in Medicine” award is reserved for those individuals who have exhibited exemplary conduct in their field. These doctors and medical educators serve as the guiding light for advancement from the classroom to the consultation room to the operating room. Leading by example, the difference begins with them.

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All 100 /2019 Awardees 0 /Addiction Medicine 1 /Advisory 0 /Aesthetic Medicine 1 /Allergy and Immunology 2 /Ambulatory Care 0 /Anesthesiology 5 /Bariatric Surgery 1 /Best Doctor in New Mexico 0 /Best Doctor in New York 0 /Best Doctor in North Carolina 0 /Best Doctor in Ohio 0 /Best Doctor in Oregon 0 /Best Doctor in Pennsylvania 0 /Best Doctor in Rhode Island 0 /Best Doctor in South Carolina 0 /Best Doctor in Tennessee 0 /Best Doctor in Texas 0 /Best Doctor in Utah 0 /Best Doctor in Vermont 0 /Best Doctor in Virginia 0 /Best Doctor in Washington 0 /Best Doctor in West Virginia 0 /Best Doctors 0 /Best Doctors in Arizona 0 /Best Doctors in Arkansas 0 /Best Doctors in California 0 /Best Doctors in Colorado 0 /Best Doctors in Connecticut 0 /Best Doctors in Delaware 0 /Best Doctors in Florida 0 /Best Doctors in Georgia 0 /Best Doctors in Idaho 0 /Best Doctors in Illinois 0 /Best Doctors in Indiana 0 /Best Doctors in Iowa 0 /Best Doctors in Kansas 0 /Best Doctors in Louisiana 0 /Best Doctors in Maine 0 /Best Doctors in Maryland 0 /Best Doctors in Massachusetts 0 /Best Doctors in Michigan 0 /Best Doctors in Minnesota 0 /Best Doctors in Mississippi 0 /Best Doctors in Missouri 0 /Best Doctors in Montana 0 /Best Doctors in Nebraska 0 /Best Doctors in Nevada 0 /Best Doctors in New Hampshire 0 /Best Doctors in New Jersey 0 /Cardiology 5 /Cardiothoracic Surgery 0 /Chiropractic 1 /Colon and Rectal Surgery 0 /Critical Care 5 /Dental 2 /Dermatology 1 /Diagnostic Radiology 0 /Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) 0 /Emergency Medicine 5 /Endocrinology 4 /Family Medicine 8 /Gastroenterology 0 /General Surgery 3 /Genetics and Genomics 0 /Gerontology 1 /Hematology 1 /Hospice Care 2 /Hospital Medicine 1 /Infectious Diseases 2 /Internal Medicine 17 /Leaders in Medicine 0 /Leaders in Medicine (NP) 0 /Neonatology 2 /Nephrology 0 /Neurology 3 /Neurosurgery 2 /Nutrition 0 /Obstetrics and Gynecology 4 /Oncology 4 /Ophthalmology 1 /Optometry 1 /Oral Surgery 0 /Orthopedic Surgery 3 /Orthopedics 1 /Osteopathy 3 /Pain Management 1 /Palliative Medicine 2 /Pathology 3 /Pediatrics 18 /Pharmacology 0 /Pharmacy 2 /Physical Medicine and Rehab 2 /Plastic Surgery 1 /Podiatry 0 /Psychiatry 3 /Psychology 2 /Pulmonology 2 /Radiology 3 /Sleep Medicine 0 /Sports Medicine 1 /Uncategorized 0 /Urology 1 /Vascular Surgery 1

Maria C. Pavlis, MD, FACC

October 16, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

M. Scott Lucia, MD

October 3, 2019/by Production Team

Dr. Jennifer Lynch, MD

November 2, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Anantha Brahmamdam, MD

June 11, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Mona Mansour, MD, MS

February 16, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Jonathan Dunn, MD

December 3, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

John C. Wuellner, MD

October 2, 2019/by AHC Medicine

H. Thomas Aretz, MD

December 4, 2018/by Production Team

Dr. Emily Worthington, DO

November 3, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Protected: Seun Sowemimo, MD

July 9, 2019

Laura Lanette Obenauf, PA-C

November 7, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Julio C. Soto, MD

December 8, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Laura Rainer, MD

November 22, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Debbie Palmer, BBA, DO, FAOCD, FAAD

March 28, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Chan S. Hwang, MD

April 23, 2019/by Production Team

Dianne Georgian-Smith, M.D., FACR, FSBI

June 1, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Jeffrey L. Craig, MD

September 28, 2017/by Editorial Dept.

Nikalesh Reddy, MD, FACS, FICS

January 30, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Protected: Alessandra Bertolucci, MD

May 7, 2019

Mary Satterly-Hart, MD, FACEP

January 29, 2020/by AHC Medicine

Carol Mason, MD

December 4, 2018/by Production Team

Luis E. Raez, MD

August 14, 2017/by Editorial Dept.

Dr. John Lopez, MD

May 12, 2020/by AHC Medicine

Harkesh Sandhu, MD

December 18, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Nereida Parada, MD

March 27, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Christine Mackie, MD

August 19, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Carmela Brienza, MSN, PNP

December 10, 2019/by Production Team

David Taing, MD, DC, CAQSM

February 5, 2018/by AHC Medicine

James Young, D.O.

June 27, 2019/by Production Team

Melissa Perkal, MD

August 20, 2019/by Production Team

Lisa Armstrong, MD

June 28, 2019/by Production Team

Ellen Wurm, MD

May 29, 2019/by Production Team

Anila S. Jajodia, MD

May 11, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Mitchell K. Taguchi, M.D.

January 28, 2021/by Production Team

R. Clement Darling III, MD

June 3, 2020/by Production Team

Sandra Kaufmann, MD

August 29, 2017/by Editorial Dept.

Shannon Kelly, MD

January 31, 2019/by Production Team

Sharon Oster, MD

January 6, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Dr. Rex Mahnensmith, M.D.

March 10, 2020/by AHC Medicine

Mark S. Granick, M.D., F.A.C.S.

July 5, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Claire Osborn-White, DO

November 30, 2018/by Production Team

Olga V. Byalik, M.D.

April 26, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Alice V. Cheuk, M.D.

March 28, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Dr. Robert C. Hall, DPT, MS, BS

October 19, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Michael Savin, MD

May 28, 2020/by Production Team

Sophia Smith, M.D.

January 7, 2020/by Production Team

Sheila Conway, MD, FAOA

September 11, 2019/by Production Team

Dr. Agustus Beck, MD

March 4, 2019/by Front Desk

Nathan Markwart, DO

December 20, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Frederick Eruo, MD

August 14, 2019/by Production Team

Stephen Cohen, OD

March 20, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Michael Barron, MD

December 11, 2018/by Production Team

Faoud T. Ishmael, M.D, Ph.D.

May 25, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Mayur Sharma, MD

August 7, 2017/by Editorial Dept.

Thomas C. Chen, MD, PhD

April 15, 2022/by Editorial Dept.

Michael Feltes, MD

June 6, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Protected: Janna Gelderman-Moffett, DO

June 13, 2019

Mongkae Siripornsawan, M.D.

August 14, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Bobbie Freeman, MD

November 8, 2019/by Production Team

Jeffrey Carter, DO

July 26, 2019/by Production Team

Kyung Yoon, MD

November 29, 2018/by Production Team

Eva Kubiczek-Love, MD

May 1, 2020/by Production Team

John Baker, MD

January 15, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Mehrnaz Badie, MD

September 9, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Renu Khode, MD

April 17, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Paul Aoun, DO/PhD

July 18, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Leticia Gutierrez Jeffords, D.D.S., M.S.

February 28, 2020/by Production Team

Basim Shakir, DDS, PhD

August 30, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Thomas Weinzapfel, MD, FAAP

August 19, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

William H. Julien, MD

June 28, 2019/by Production Team

Ramzan Zakir, MD, RPVI, FACC, FSCAI

February 7, 2020/by AHC Medicine

Heng Lim, MD

January 23, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Dr. Angelina Rodriguez, MD

April 9, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Matthew Golkar, MD

January 17, 2019/by Production Team

Luay Susan, M.D.

January 24, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Marta Galarza, M.D.

August 10, 2017/by Editorial Dept.

Guy Maytal, MD

April 11, 2019/by Production Team

Kwabena Owusu-Dapaah, MD, FAAP, FACEP, FAAEM

December 18, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Jennifer Miller, MD

August 6, 2019/by Production Team

Igor Palacios, MD

July 2, 2019/by Production Team

Gloria D. Wiseman, MD, FAAP

July 11, 2019/by Production Team

Protected: Dr. William Speck, MD

April 29, 2019

Janet L. Lee, MD, FACS

January 19, 2021/by Editorial Dept.

Brian Arcement, MD, FASCAI

December 9, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Gerald Morley, MD

January 26, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Adalberto Torres, MD

July 12, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Lyndell C. Baser, PharmD

January 24, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Patricia Dang, DO

December 8, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Mitchell Pernal, BS, DC

July 3, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

William T. McGee, MD, MHA, FCCM, FNCS, FCCP

March 10, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Christine Fall, MD

September 8, 2017/by Editorial Dept.

Stuart L. Kaplan, MD

December 6, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Joy Awoniyi, PharmD

September 5, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Christopher Dunnahoo, M.D.

October 2, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Lantie Elisabeth Jorandby, M.D.

June 6, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Joseph G.A. Ibrahim, MD, FAAPMR

February 18, 2020/by Production Team

Dr. Leamon Davenport, DO

May 29, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Amanda D. Maynard, DO

May 3, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Adebola Nnewihe, MD, FACOG

April 16, 2019/by Production Team

Luis Velasco, MD

January 9, 2020/by Editorial Dept.
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