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Leader in Medicine

Selection for the American Health Council’s “Leader in Medicine” award is reserved for those individuals who have exhibited exemplary conduct in their field. These doctors and medical educators serve as the guiding light for advancement from the classroom to the consultation room to the operating room. Leading by example, the difference begins with them.

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All 100 /2019 Awardees 0 /Addiction Medicine 1 /Advisory 2 /Aesthetic Medicine 2 /Allergy and Immunology 0 /Ambulatory Care 0 /Anesthesiology 4 /Bariatric Surgery 2 /Best Doctor in New Mexico 0 /Best Doctor in New York 0 /Best Doctor in North Carolina 0 /Best Doctor in Ohio 0 /Best Doctor in Oregon 0 /Best Doctor in Pennsylvania 0 /Best Doctor in Rhode Island 0 /Best Doctor in South Carolina 0 /Best Doctor in Tennessee 0 /Best Doctor in Texas 0 /Best Doctor in Utah 0 /Best Doctor in Vermont 0 /Best Doctor in Virginia 0 /Best Doctor in Washington 0 /Best Doctor in West Virginia 0 /Best Doctors 0 /Best Doctors in Arizona 0 /Best Doctors in Arkansas 0 /Best Doctors in California 0 /Best Doctors in Colorado 0 /Best Doctors in Connecticut 0 /Best Doctors in Delaware 0 /Best Doctors in Florida 0 /Best Doctors in Georgia 0 /Best Doctors in Idaho 0 /Best Doctors in Illinois 0 /Best Doctors in Indiana 0 /Best Doctors in Iowa 0 /Best Doctors in Kansas 0 /Best Doctors in Louisiana 0 /Best Doctors in Maine 0 /Best Doctors in Maryland 0 /Best Doctors in Massachusetts 0 /Best Doctors in Michigan 0 /Best Doctors in Minnesota 0 /Best Doctors in Mississippi 0 /Best Doctors in Missouri 0 /Best Doctors in Montana 0 /Best Doctors in Nebraska 0 /Best Doctors in Nevada 0 /Best Doctors in New Hampshire 0 /Best Doctors in New Jersey 0 /Cardiology 1 /Cardiothoracic Surgery 0 /Chiropractic 0 /Colon and Rectal Surgery 1 /Critical Care 2 /Dental 4 /Dermatology 1 /Diagnostic Radiology 0 /Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) 1 /Emergency Medicine 9 /Endocrinology 5 /Family Medicine 12 /Gastroenterology 0 /General Surgery 3 /Genetics and Genomics 0 /Gerontology 3 /Hematology 1 /Hospice Care 0 /Hospital Medicine 0 /Infectious Diseases 2 /Internal Medicine 13 /Leaders in Medicine 0 /Leaders in Medicine (NP) 0 /Neonatology 1 /Nephrology 1 /Neurology 4 /Neurosurgery 1 /Nutrition 0 /Obstetrics and Gynecology 4 /Oncology 3 /Ophthalmology 1 /Optometry 2 /Oral Surgery 1 /Orthopedic Surgery 2 /Orthopedics 1 /Osteopathy 4 /Pain Management 1 /Palliative Medicine 1 /Pathology 4 /Pediatrics 14 /Pharmacology 1 /Pharmacy 3 /Physical Medicine and Rehab 1 /Plastic Surgery 1 /Podiatry 0 /Psychiatry 3 /Psychology 1 /Pulmonology 1 /Radiology 6 /Sleep Medicine 1 /Sports Medicine 0 /Uncategorized 0 /Urology 0 /Vascular Surgery 0

Veronica Chiang, MD

September 26, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Dr. Robert C. Hall, DPT, MS, BS

October 19, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Ms. Lindsay Farrell, MBA, FACMPE

April 16, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Anna Emilsdottir, MD

October 20, 2017/by AHC Medicine

John Baker, MD

January 15, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Rene Przkora, MD, PhD

August 21, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Jennifer Miller, MD

August 6, 2019/by Production Team

Shannon Standridge, DO, MPH

December 11, 2018/by Production Team

William Hablitzel, MD

April 30, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Gain Lu, DDS

September 9, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Philip R. Schauer MD, FACS

July 10, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Rafael Acra, MD

September 13, 2017/by Editorial Dept.

Sara Safder, MD

June 29, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Angel Ho, MD

October 16, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Linqiu Zhou, MD

February 11, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Sheila Conway, MD

September 11, 2019/by Production Team

Daniel Lichtstein, MD

July 9, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Vivek Kumar, DO

July 10, 2020/by AHC Medicine

Daniel S. Shaw, PhD

December 2, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Ravi Thamburaj, DO

May 29, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Janet Lee, MD

January 19, 2021/by Editorial Dept.

J. Philip Boudreaux, MD

January 30, 2020/by Production Team

Brooke Donaldson, MD

July 20, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Ibrahim S. Elsheikh, M.D, F.A.A.P

March 28, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Olga V. Byalik, M.D.

April 26, 2017/by AHC Medicine

DonnaMaria E. Cortezzo, M.D.

April 28, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Tabitha Campbell, MD, FACEP, CHSE

March 1, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Protected: Wei Wang, MD

July 1, 2019

Susan L. Bratton, MD, MPH

March 24, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Jaime Steinsapir, M.D., PhD, FACP, FACE

May 24, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Marc Menkowitz, MD

March 4, 2019/by Production Team

Sandra Charles, MD

April 16, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Nelson Leung, MD

July 5, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

David Agbunag, MSEd, MS, PA-C

July 17, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Kelly Gabel, DO

February 13, 2020/by AHC Medicine

David C. Seaberg, MD, CPE, FACEP

October 17, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Merceditas Villanueva, MD

December 11, 2018/by Production Team

Michael Badik, DO

April 24, 2019/by Production Team

John C. Wuellner, MD

October 2, 2019/by AHC Medicine

H. Michael Lambert, MD/FACS

August 2, 2017/by Editorial Dept.

Fouad G. Souki, M.D.

April 26, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Protected: David Kimberly, DDS, MD, FACS

June 20, 2019

Dr. Kenlyn J. Hobley, MD

March 22, 2019/by Production Team

Larry D. Hartzell, MD, FAAP

December 20, 2019/by Production Team

Dr. Angelina Rodriguez, MD

April 9, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Anthony J. Viera, M.D., MPH

January 23, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Protected: Dr. Patricia Coon, MD

October 10, 2019

Protected: Gregory Mesna, MD

May 9, 2019

Kathleen M. Cowling, DO, MS, MBA

November 15, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Joan C. Wojak, MD, FACR, FSIR, FAHA

May 28, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Todd Heaton, MD, MPH

August 24, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Louis P. Coates, D.O.

March 31, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Luis Velasco, MD

January 9, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Protected: Madge Suzanne Tinsley, PhD, PT, NCS

August 26, 2019

Guy Maytal, MD

April 11, 2019/by Production Team

Michael Clement, MD

August 28, 2019/by Media Dept.

Protected: Andrew Gombash, D.O.

May 20, 2019

Joseph Geskey, DO, MBA

August 22, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Preeti Rana, MD

June 22, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Protected: Janna Gelderman-Moffett, DO

June 13, 2019

Debbie Palmer, BBA, DO, FAOCD, FAAD

March 28, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Jill Pitcher, DO

October 13, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Carol Mason, MD

December 4, 2018/by Production Team

Jeffrey Wasser, MD

January 24, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Justin Ceravolo, PharmD

January 15, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

William H. Julien, MD

June 28, 2019/by Production Team

Protected: Michael Gonzalez Ramos, MD

May 16, 2019

Ronnie C. Mease, PhD

March 4, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Anuradha Patel, MD, FRCA

January 24, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Henry Chen, DO

May 26, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Ali K. Riba, MD

October 22, 2019/by Production Team

Nicholas Avitabile, MD

August 17, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Judith S. Kaur, MD, MA

July 2, 2019/by Production Team

Adebola Nnewihe, MD, FACOG

April 16, 2019/by Production Team

Kyung Yoon, MD

November 29, 2018/by Production Team

Jeffrey L. Winters, MD

August 19, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Doris A. Evans, MD

August 28, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Mark Selesnick, MD

May 4, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Stephen Cohen, OD

March 20, 2020/by Editorial Dept.

Nisha Bhide, PharmD, BCPS

September 5, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Paul Aoun, DO/PhD

July 18, 2017/by AHC Medicine

Naghmana Masood, MD

September 5, 2019/by AHC Medicine

Kevin Bowers, PharmD, BCACP

December 26, 2019/by Editorial Dept.

Kori Anderson, MMS, PA-C

June 15, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Aristidis Hatzidimitriadis, MD

December 11, 2018/by Production Team

Protected: Gordana Katava, DO, MS

October 10, 2019

Michael Tempel, MD

January 9, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Dr. Lucy T. Tovmasian, MD

April 2, 2020/by AHC Medicine

Dr. Emily Worthington, DO

November 3, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Robert Goldsmith, MD, MPH, FACOEM

January 20, 2020/by AHC Medicine

Igor Palacios, MD

July 2, 2019/by Production Team

Fred R. Schultz, MHA, PA-C

March 28, 2017/by AHC Medicine

H. Thomas Aretz, MD

December 4, 2018/by Production Team

Colette Haywood, MD

December 14, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Dung Trinh, MD

December 14, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Fred Courtney, DO

March 13, 2019/by Production Team

Arden Andersen, DO, MSPH, PhD

May 14, 2020/by Production Team

George Bikhazi, MD

July 2, 2018/by AHC Medicine

Sarah Johle, OD

January 28, 2021/by Production Team

Majaz Moonis, M.D.

July 12, 2017/by AHC Medicine
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