Leader in Medicine

Leticia Gutierrez Jeffords


Dr. Leticia Gutierrez-Jeffords, Pediatric Dentist and Owner of My Child’s Dentist and Your Child’s Dentist, has been appointed as “Best in Medicine.” She will be sharing her knowledge and expertise in Pediatric Dental Care.

Dr. Gutierrez-Jeffords has been active in the field of Dentistry for the last 25 years and in Pediatric Dentistry for the last 23. She completed her dental and pediatric dental specialty training at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in Maryland in 1993, as well as her post-doctoral training and Master’s degree in Oral Biology in 1995.

Dr. Gutierrez-Jeffords’ responsibilities at My Child’s Dentist and Your Child’s Dentist include the examination and treatment of children from newborns to adolescents in all aspects of pediatric dentistry. She has a passion for the treatment of medically compromised newborns to teenagers and those with special needs. She is honored to be able to make a difference in children’s teeth and their overall health while developing relationships with their parents and families. Her offices areSan Antonio’s premier pediatric dental offices. State-of-the-art equipment, kindhearted and knowledgeable staff, and a family-friendly environment make it ideal for treating children of all ages.

Dr. Gutierrez-Jeffords attributes her success to her strong work ethic, referrals from physicians and colleagues, and word of mouth from client recommendations. Out of all her accomplishments, she is most proud of being able to share what she has learned in order to help people in all areas of healing. She also takes special interest in lip and tongue ties and their effects on nutrition and myofacial development. Dr. Gutierrez-Jeffords believes that Pediatric Dentistry is vital for the health of the entire body during critical growth and development of her patients and is honored to participate during this time. The trust from her patient’s parents is a privilege.

Dr. Gutierrez-Jeffords completed a teaching and research fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and has been published as a primary and secondary author in a variety of peer-reviewed publications. She is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Texas Dental Association (TDA) American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), Hispanic Dental Association, International Association of Dental Research, and Women’s Dental Association. She has also been named as a member of “America’s Best Dentists”, The Latino American Who’s Who Top 100, and a Pinnacle Professional Member of the Continental Who’s Who.

Her long-term goals include continued professional growth, more volunteer involvement within the community, returning to the academic world to continue her research in the future, and the current expansion of her practices. Dr. Gutierrez-Jeffords also wants to expand her field of work to give more people access to dental services. Charitable organizations she works with include Cleft Strong, Run for Cancer, Children’s Home, the San Antonio Food Bank, and the Boy Scouts of America.

In her free time, Dr. Gutierrez-Jeffords enjoys traveling to visit her kids, reading, running, cardio kickboxing, and training in karate. Most importantly, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Gabriella (23) who graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and her son, Jackson (19) who attends New York University. Dr. Gutierrez-Jeffords favorite moments are those she spends with her family.

Pediatric Dentist and Owner at My Child’s Dentist and Your Child’s Dentist

  • My Child’s Dentist has been proudly serving the pediatric dental needs of children all across the San Antonio community for many years.
  • The facility is designed with the child in mind. With state-of-the-art equipment and a family friendly environment, My Child’s Dentist is able to treat children of all ages.
  • Services include: Oral Examinations, Dental Cleaning, Laser Dentistry, Digital X-Rays, Sports Mouthguards, After Hour Emergency Dental Care, Treatments, Preventative Pediatric Dental Care, Bleaching, and Additional Pediatric Dental Services.