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Luis Velasco


The American Health Council has cordially appointed Dr. Luis Velasco as “Best in Medicine.” Having built-up an impressive career spanning almost four decades, Dr. Velasco, from Clearwater, Florida, is a highly regarded Medical Director and Practitioner with expertise spanning Research, Patient Care and Healthcare.

Dr. Velasco first became involved in his current profession through natural progression into the field of healthcare. Having attained his MD in General Medicine from Universidad Central Del Este in 1978, Dr. Velasco embarked on a highly successful career in medicine. For the past 2 years, the esteemed doctor has worked as Medical Director for Renaissance Health Clinic and is now Chief Physician at Phoenix Medical Clinic in Tampa, Florida.

The Phoenix Medical Clinic provides low-cost screening, diagnosis and health care to the residents of Tampa’s Assisted Living Facilities and surrounding areas. The clinic sees patients with a staff of 1 physician and 1 nurse and is staffed Monday through Friday. Also, supporting the efforts are consulting physicians and a medical director.

With a new focus, Dr. Velasco’s day to day responsibilities include treating patients as well as overseeing the staff at the Phoenix Health Clinic.

Reflecting on his career to date, Dr. Velasco attributes his success to his hard work and dedication throughout the course of his career. Having been honored to receive the Beldon Award in 1984 for being an Outstanding F.P. Graduate and the F.P. residency recognition award at Wayne State University. Dr. Velasco remains affiliated with The American Medical Association and the Tri-Country Medical Association.

Looking to the future, his goals within the next 5 years include continuing to grow and to stay current with the ever-changing industry.

When Dr. Velasco is not busy working, he enjoys reading and traveling in his free time. He also supports a number of charitable organizations including Indigent Care, Wounded Veterans and Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

Phoenix Medical Clinic in Tampa Florida

  • Primary Care Medical Group
  • Phoenix Medical Clinic’s primary goal is to provide high-quality medical care to each and every patient and their family.
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