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Lyndell C. Baser


The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Dr. Lyndell Baser, PharmD., as “Best in Medicine.” Amassing 10 years in the healthcare profession, Dr. Baser has been recognized for her achievements in her role as Pharmacy Manager.

Dr. Baser has always shown an interest in medicine and knew deep down it would be her destiny. However, she was unsure of which path would be best suited to her, until a teacher in high school suggested that she pursue pharmaceuticals.

Focusing her studies in this area, Dr, Baser enrolled at the Washington State University, College of Pharmacy where she graduated with her PharmD in Pharmaceutical studies in 2008.

In her current capacity, Dr, Baser has fulfilled the role of Pharmacy Manager within Walmart Pharmacy for the past 8 years. As the manager of the pharmacy, Dr. Baser oversees day to day operations, directs pharmacy staff and coordinates over the counter sales with other store managers. Dr. Baser also administers immunizations and counsels patients on best practice in care.

Walmart Pharmacy is a highly regarded full service retail pharmacy. Providing services such as prescription refills, family account management, flu shots and immunizations, home delivery and specialty pharmacy.

Reflecting on Dr. Baser’s successes to date, she attributes her achievements to the patients she has the opportunity to work with, constantly learning from them and enabling her to face new challenges.

Dr. Baser is proud of her education and particularly, becoming certified to teach immunization to pharmacy technicians. Dr. Baser is also highly regarded for her participation in Walmart Wellness Days.

With a keen interest to continue broadening her knowledge, Dr. Baser maintains membership with the American Pharmacy Association. Looking to the future, Dr. Baser plans to implement new patient access programs and would like to transition into a clinical setting.

Outside of work, Dr. Baser enjoys spending time with her family, particularly her nieces and nephews. She also aspires to travel and has a keen interest in fishing.

Pharmacy Manager at Walmart Pharmacy

  • Full service retail pharmacy

Source: Walmart

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