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Michael Jantz


Dr. Michael Jantz, Associate Professor of Medicine at The University of Florida, has been selected to join the Physician Board at the American Health Council, where he will be sharing his knowledge and expertise in Interventional Pulmonology, Thoracic Oncology, as well as Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. Like his current place of business, member Dr. Jantz shares the “vision and commitment to patient care excellence of more than 22,000 employees at the University of Florida Health Science Center and UF Health Shand’s health care system.”

Dr. Jantz received his MD from the University of Washington School of Medicine, completed his Residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Washington, and completed his Fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina.

With 18 years in his current role and 28 years within the healthcare industry, Dr. Jantz offers his wealth of mastery and proficiency in Education, Research, and Patient Care, including day to day responsibilities comprising of patient care, teaching, and executing clinical research focusing on interventional pulmonary procedures, advanced diagnostic bronchoscopy, and lung cancer therapies. Dr. Jantz’s current position stems from his desire to improve the lives of others and their quality of life throughout their course of treatment.  He attributes his success to his good fortune in having positions that allowed him to pursue his passion for Interventional Pulmonary Medicine and Thoracic Oncology as well as having great mentors and a wonderful opportunity to build his Interventional Pulmonary Program.

Alongside his feats within the medical field, Dr. Jantz has published 55 works, including 13 book chapters.  His professional associations include the American Thoracic Society, the American College of Chest Physicians, and the American Association of Bronchoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology, among others. His awards and honors include the Consumer Research Most Compassionate Doctor Award and Master Clinician Award for the Department of Medicine at the University of Florida.

Dr. Jantz’s goals within the next 5 years include mentoring his new partner and expanding his clinical trials within the ever-growing field(s) of interventional pulmonary medicine and thoracic oncology.

When he is not going above and beyond to improve the lives of his patients and their families, Dr. Jantz enjoys reading, traveling, and studying Eastern Philosophy.

Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Florida

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