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Naghmana Masood


Dr. Naghmana Masood has been honored by the American Health Council as “Best in Medicine.” Dr. Naghmana Masood is a family medicine physician at ProMedica Physicians in Fostoria, Ohio. Prior to her position at ProMedica, Dr. Masood was a family medicine doctor at Tiffin Community Health Center, a role she held for an impressive 20 years.

As Dr. Masood’s father was both a doctor and professor, she was surrounded by the medical field throughout her childhood, inspiring her to also pursue a career in medicine. Dr. Masood studied at Medicine at King Edward University, Lahore, Pakistan, graduating with an M.D. in 1990.

For nearly 90 years, ProMedica Fostoria’s 25-bed, acute-care hospital has served Fostoria, Ohio, and the surrounding three counties. ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital is a full-service, critical-access hospital (with the exception of obstetrics / labor and delivery) with Joint Commission accreditation. The Tiffin Community Health Center is proud to practice both preventive and primary health care for all those in the community. The center always provides specialist care whilst remaining cost-effective for patients. The expertise of the staff includes managing chronic diseases and any other illness that patients may require assistance for but also preventing any illness from ever occurring. The counselors are proud to assist patients for a prolonged period to really get to the root of the issues and find find long-term solutions. Not only does the center provide traditional medical and dental care but also help with with behavior and providing social services for the benefit of the community.

For Dr. Masood specifically, her role includes looking after patients with a variety of different conditions such as weight loss and looking after those with addictions. She also educates those with diabetes. Her specialties include weight loss, risk reduction, diabetes education, family medicine and addiction medicine. She is very proud of the prominent role she has taken as a physician in addiction medicine.

To share her specialist knowledge and continue her learning, Dr. Masood is a member of the American Academy of Private Physicians and the American Health Council. She is also proud of her involvement with the Masood Award Program. She credits the success she has achieved throughout her career to her parents; her dad was the inspiration behind her career choice and her mother was key in showing her the value of her faith.

When she is not working, Dr. Masood loves to spend as much time as possible with her family. She also contributes to the American Cancer Society.

Over the next five years, Dr. Masood wants to continue expanding her knowledge and working in the field of weight loss, addiction medicine and diabetes education.

Family Medicine Doctor at Tiffin Community Health Center

  • Tiffin Community Health Center works to eliminate gaps in health outcomes for all members of our community by providing access to quality, affordable, preventive and primary health care.
  • Their medical services focus on the delivery of wellness and preventive care, episodic sick care, and chronic disease management.
  • Tiffin Community Health Center counselors work with patients for a period of time to help find solutions to their problems.

Sources: http://tiffin.hpwohio.org/

Professional Associations

  • American Academy of Private Physicians