Leader in Medicine

Novarro Stafford, Senior


American Health Council Affiliate, Dr. Novarro Stafford recently retired at the age of 83 after an outstanding 52 years within the healthcare industry – a long career weaving together many dazzling achievements. Specializing in Medicine, Trauma, Ketamine and Anesthesiology, Dr. Stafford firmly attributes his success to his persistence and dedication to his field.

Dr. Stafford’s desire to enter into the healthcare industry was sparked at a young age, when, growing up as an African American living in the South, he saw there was little to no healthcare for African Americans – a gap he admirably strove to fill.

Prior to his career as a Consultant, Dr. Stafford gained his MD from Howard University in 1965, majoring in Medicine and Anesthesiology. He spent his residency in the Walter Green General Hospital and completed an internship in the Brook General Medical Center.

Further admiration can be gleaned from his 24-year service in the military. Entering at the age of fifteen, he became one of the youngest commissioned Lieutenants and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. He trained in 6 wing aircrafts in 1952, qualified as deep-sea diver and is a licensed military plane and helicopter pilot, boasting the achievement of fixing his plane with a safety pin after emergency landing in a German field.

Dr. Stafford’s admirable accomplishments include his work with Ketamine in Vietnam, where, as a field anesthetic he saved numerous lives and his work as a medical officer for the Diving Team of the US Navy in Bethesda in 1969.

Currently, Dr. Stafford works as a Consultant in his own private practice, where his main passion of mentoring his children in their medical professions lies. Notably, his daughter became the first black female physician trained by the Mayo Clinic in plastic surgery.

Upon retirement, Dr. Stafford was presented with an Honorary award from the LA County, California. And in addition to his position as an affiliate on the American Health Council, he is also a welcomed member of the Charles Drew Medical Association.

Looking to the future, Dr. Stafford hopes to mentor and guide his twin grandchildren to become physicians like himself. His main interest and passion outside of work is quite simply, spending time with his family.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Served in the military for 24 years and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Introduced Ketamine to soldiers in Vietnam, saving numerous lives as a field anesthetic.
  • Dr. Stafford was the medical officer for the Diving Team of the US Navy in Bethesda in 1969.
  • Was a military deep-sea diver and licensed military plane and helicopter pilot who once repaired his plane after making an emergency landing in a field in Germany with a safety pin.

Professional Associations

  • Charles Drew Medical Association
  • American Red Cross