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Pedro Blandon


The American Health Council is proud to appoint Dr. Pedro Blandon, former Associate Professor of Nephrology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), as “Best in Medicine.” With 23 years in the healthcare industry, Dr. Blandon shares with the AHC a wealth of skills and expertise in Nephrology and Medicine.

Dr. Blandon attended Universidad de Guadalajara UdG School of Medicine, where he obtained his MD (1995) in Medicine and graduated with Honors. He is Board Certified in both Nephrology and Internal Medicine and holds a license to practice in the states of Texas, New Mexico and Delaware. He is also licensed in his native country Nicaragua and in Mexico.

He became involved in his subspecialty because he felt the Nephrology field had many treatment options to offer patients who suffered from not just chronic kidney with dialysis and transplantation but neurologic and hematologic diseases which he treats with plasma and other apheresis techniques. Dr. Blandon cites his ongoing success to hard work and perseverance as the best business card. He covers all major hospitals and dialysis units in the city of El Paso, TX. He enjoys practicing Internal Medicine while delivering primary care training to the future generations of internists and doing hospitalist shifts to stay current with his general medicine skills and procedures.

Dr. Blandon has been invited to speak at several regional events in New Mexico and Corpus Christi, as well in several local conferences. From 2009-2015, he was named Residency Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Paul L. Foster School of Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and since May of 2018 is the internal Medicine Residency Program Director for the new community based program out of Del Sol and Las Palmas Medical Center in El Paso, TX with 45 residents under his supervision.

He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American Society of Nephrology, as well as a member of the Texas Medical Association and El Paso County Medical Society.

Dr. Blandon is bilingual – exercising his fluency in both English and Spanish. He joined his new practice in May 2018, launching into the private medical sector in affiliation with HCA Healthcare in El Paso, TX. Dr. Blandon continues to treat new Nephrology and Internal Medicine patients and perform the duties of Aviation Medical Examiner AME in El Paso, Texas. He is able to perform Class 1-3 medicals along with Basic Med and HIMS (Human Intervention Motivation Study) evaluations. He is also a licensed pilot and owns a small plane, enjoying traveling and exploring new sites in his spare time. Dr. Blandon has donated charitable time to the Rota Care Clinic and the Baptist Clinic in El Paso, Texas.

Texas Tech University

Associate Professor of Nephrology at Texas Tech University

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