Leader in Medicine

Randy Carroll


The American Health Council has cordially appointed Mr. Randy Carroll, Assoc, AA, BSMD, as “Best in Medicine.” Working in the healthcare industry as a physician assistant for 25 years, Mr. Carroll has established himself an expert in a range of fields, including patient care, patient education, emergency medicine, patient rapport and pediatrics.

Initially, Mr. Carroll worked as a firefighter and a paramedic. He then realized he wanted to be more involved in patient care and the clinical side of the industry; this is when he made the transition to a physician assistant.

Mr. Carroll completed his education at Edison Community College where he graduated with an Associate degree. Following this, he attended the University of Florida and graduated with his BSMD in 1994.

Now working at Florida Emergency Physicians of Team Health in one of the Specialized Pediatric Emergency departments, Mr. Carroll is fulfilling the role as a Physician Assistant. As each new campus was added to the Advent Health roster, the FEP of Team Health added Clinicians to cover the staffing needs of each Emergency Department. The organization now employ 200 Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners at twelve Advent Health locations and two specialized Pediatric Emergency Departments. The twelve campuses are located in five counties: Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Pasco.

Throughout a working day, Mr. Carroll has a number of responsibilities. These include seeing patients with a wide variety of illnesses. He will diagnose and treat his patients as well as educating them throughout the process.

Over the past 25 years as a physician assistant and the additional 18 years as a firefighter and paramedic, Mr. Carroll has attained a broad range of achievements. One he is particularly proud of is being awarded as PA of the Year, Mid-Level Practitioner Award, through Florida Emergency Physicians in 2011. Mr. Carroll is also a 3 time recipient. Pediatric Emergency Department top performer Excellence In Patient Satisfaction. Another notable success includes being certified by the NCCPA.

In order to keep up to date with relevant developments and to expand his knowledge, Mr. Carroll is a member of a number of professional organizations including the Florida Academy of Physician Assistants and the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Looking to the future, Mr. Carroll is moving towards retirement. However, he will still volunteer his services within his community as well as enjoy quality time with his grandchildren.

Florida Emergency Physicians of TeamHealth 

  • FEP of Team Health added clinicians to cover the staffing needs of each new emergency department. They now employ 200 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants at 10 Florida Hospital locations plus 2 specialized Pediatric Emergency Departments.

Source: TeamHealth