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Richard Schmidt


The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Dr. Richard Schmidt, as “Best in Medicine.” Amassing an impressive 50 years working within the healthcare industry, Dr. Schmidt has been recognized in his role as a Physician, specializing as a Urologist.

Dr. Schmidt has always displayed a passion to pursue a career in medicine and after exploring the broader healthcare field found that orthopedic surgery intrigued him the most. It was during his time studying while on his clinical rotations in medical school that he found he related best to the urology doctors. He then decided to focus the rest of his medical training in this field.
Dr. Schmidt attained his MD, Medical Doctorate from the University of Western Ontario School of Medicine in 1968, propelling him into his career.

For the past 18 years, Dr. Schmidt has operated and provided treatments in his own private practice. Demonstrating expertise in Urology and Application Development, his daily role consists of working daily on developing an app that will work as a gauge for self-testing seizures.

Reflecting on his career to date, Dr. Schmidt attributes his decades of success to the influence of the mentors he had the great pleasure of working with; they were extremely impactful and gave him direction.

Among his many professional accolades, Dr. Schmidt remains proud of his accomplishment in becoming Board Certified in Urology. In a continuous effort to broaden his knowledge, Dr. Schmidt maintains membership with the American Urology Association.

Looking to the future, Dr. Schmidt plans to develop his app. He also aspires to continue growing in his profession, whilst also being available and accessible to as many patients as possible.

Outside of work, Dr. Schmidt enjoys gardening and playing piano. He maintains a passion for curling, for which he was recognized by the Ontario Hall of Fame for Curling in 1960. Dr. Schmidt is also known to commit his time to charity, in particular Catholic Church charities.

Source: Richard A. Schmidt, MD

Urologist and Private Practice Owner

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