Leader in Medicine

Sharon Oster


The American Health Council has cordially invited Dr. Sharon Oster, MD, as “Best in Medicine.” Having dedicated over 37 years to working within the healthcare industry, Dr. Oster has been recognized for her accomplishments within Internal Medicine.

Dr. Oster’s involvement in her profession was influenced by the altruistic challenge of Internal Medicine. However it was during the HIV epidemic that Dr. Oster was further inspired to be involved within the Internal Medicine field, more specifically working in Infectious Disease.

Focusing her studies in Internal Medicine, Dr. Oster graduated from East Virginia Medical School with her MD in 1980. It was following on from this, Dr. Oster earned the opportunity to complete extensive medical training starting with her Internship in 1982 at the Riverside Regional Medical Center. From here, she moved to the East Virginia Medical School where she completed her Residency in 1983 and finished at the VA Medical Center in 1988, where she fulfilled a further Residency along with her Fellowship.

In her current capacity, Dr. Oster has filled the role of Physician within Oster Medical Group for the past 18 years. Displaying expertise in the areas of internal medicine and infectious disease, Dr. Oster’s daily responsibilities include practicing all aspects of Internal Medicine with a sub-specialty in infectious disease. Dr. Oster is also known to educate DO students part-time.

As part of the private practice Oster Medical Group, Dr. Sharon Oster provides general primary care services to adolescents, adults and seniors. This includes general health maintenance, acute disease and general disease management. She also practices the specialty of infectious diseases.

Looking back at her career to date, Dr. Oster attributes her success to her demeanor, alongside accepting and embracing the arduous and investigative nature of infectious diseases. Dr. Oster has been honored to have been presented with the Resident of the Year Award from Phi Beta Kappa and is proud of her involvement within the Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Society.

In a continuous effort to broaden her knowledge within her field, Dr. Oster maintains an active membership with The American Board of Internal Medicine.

Looking to the future, Dr. Oster aspires to continue in her path, growing her private practice. Outside of work, Dr. Oster is highly regarded for committing her time, skills and knowledge to the charity, Genesis Missions to India.

Physician at Oster Medical Group

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