Leader in Medicine

Sharon Oster


Dr. Sharon Oster, MD is a Physician at Oster Medical Group. Specializing in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Oster provides general primary care services to adolescents, adults and seniors. This includes general health maintenance, acute disease and general disease management.

Dr. Oster obtained her Medical Degree from East Virginia Medical School in 1980. Thereafter she completed an Internship at Riverside Regional Medical Center in 1981 and both a Residency and Fellowship at the VA Medical Center.

Among a plethora of accomplishments, Dr. Oster is honored to have been presented with the Resident of the Year Award from Phi Beta Kappa. She is also a member of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Society.

Physician at Oster Medical Group

  • Oster Medical Group specializes in Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine.
  • Their mission is to provide the highest quality primary health care, with a caring and respectful attitude toward our patients.