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Susan MarshallThe American Health Council has welcomed Susan A. Marshall as a Council member for her extensive knowledge in Alzheimer’s and dementia preparation. She is considered one of the most accomplished sources in navigating the difficulties after a family member’s diagnosis.

Susan A. Marshall is an author, speaker, and Founder of Backbone Institute, LLC, a private practice dedicated to improving competence, confidence and effective risk-taking.  She has been assisting leaders in public and private sector industry, non-profit agencies, and public education for nearly 30 years. In recognition of her work in the local business community, she was previously recognized as a recipient of the 2019 Don Richards Leadership Award through the Waukesha County Business Alliance.

Her corporate and consulting experience includes work with Fortune 100 companies including GM, Apple, Archer Daniels Midland and Best Buy as well as a wide variety of private enterprises and non-profits such as New York City Leadership Academy and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  She led a turnaround of a failing marketing division in the mid-90s and has shared many of the lessons learned in that endeavor with her clients.

Susan is the author of multiple books and hundreds of articles. Susan is well known for her books on Alzheimer’s and the journey a family takes as caregivers. “There’s a story to be told when suddenly you’ve assumed one of the most important roles of your life — a family caregiver, but with little experience to draw from.”

In her book, “Mom’s Gone Missing”, the book starts out with a call in 2016, on the first Monday of the year from her sibling in Colorado when Susan was in Wisconsin and her mother was in Arizona. Her sibling said, “Mom’s gone missing.”

What happened over nearly two years of caring for parents with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia brought rapid learning, new strength and perspective. Marshall’s book is not a how-to book, but rather a deeply moving account of one family’s experience with a father’s decade-long Alzheimer’s journey and a mother’s lightning-fast dementia decline, and what the author would like others to know if they, too, find a loved one ‘missing’ due to degenerative diseases with no cure.

Martin J. Schreiber, former Wisconsin Governor, and author of My Two Elaines — a story about his experiences caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s — also praised the book.

“Anyone who is about to journey as a caregiver or anyone who wants to understand what caregiving is truly like must read about the experiences of a caregiving daughter, Susan A. Marshall,” Schreiber said. “She openly and candidly shares with us her excruciating journey as a caregiver for both her mom and dad.”

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