Leader in Medicine

Suzanne Grace


The American Health Council has appointed Ms. Suzanne Grace as “Best in Medicine.” Drawing on over 26 years of experience, Ms. Grace, from Knoxville, Tennessee, is highly regarded for her expertise in Geriatrics, Spine and Orthopedics.

Ms. Grace was a former athlete in high school. During this time, she went through physical therapy services for back and knee injuries. These experiences inspired her to focus her efforts on pursuing a career in this sector.

Studying for her BSPT at East Carolina University. Ms. Grace is also NDT trained, Graston Certified, and Kinesiotape trained. Currently, Ms. Grace works as a self-employed Physical Therapist, where on a day to day basis, she evaluates and treats patients with health problems resulting from injury or disease.

Ms. Grace’s success stems from faith, family and her inner drive. She said, “My dad is an engineer and so am I!” She is incredibly proud of her training and certifications which have led her to becoming a coach, mentor and lecturer.

Ms. Grace is currently training her dog to be a therapy dog. She is very involved in a health/ wellness company, and is always working to improve health through natural supplements. She enjoys working with various charitable organizations and is currently going to North Carolina to care for her mother with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Over the next five years Ms. Grace plans to start a home health clinic. When not busy working, she enjoys doing her own research on auto-immune disorders and Alzheimer’s.

Self Employed Physical Therapy