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Thomas H. Earle


The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Dr. Thomas Earle, JD., as “Best in Medicine.” Having worked in the industry for 25 years, Dr. Earle is an expert in the field of Civil Rights Litigation and is currently working as CEO at Liberty Resources, Inc.

Dr. Earle has always had interest in civil rights laws and legal rights for disbled people, this is why he became involved in his profession. To ensure he was able to get into his chosen industry, Dr. Earle studied for his BA at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 1984. Following this, he went on to attain his JD at Rutgers University Law School and graduated from there in 1991.

Following the completion of his academic studies, Dr. Earle began his career at Liberty Resources, Inc, a non-profit customer driven organization that focuses on advocating and promoting Independent Living for persons with disabilities. More than fifty percent of their Board as well as fifty percent of their employees are persons with disabilities. Liberty Resources, Inc ensure the persons with disabilities receive their civil rights and equal access to all aspects of life in their community. Most of all Liberty Resources, Inc hopes that the Center will be the major point of entry into the community for people with disabilities in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, a place where an individual can make contact and receive the services they need, or are referred to appropriate organizations in the community.

The organization offers a range of services and products for their patients including pharmaceutical products, vaccines and consumer healthcare products and solutions. As the CEO, Dr. Earle and has a number of responsibilities to fulfil on a daily basis including interacting with clients to improve long term care – specifically with people living with disability in the greater Philadelphia area.

Throughout his 25 years in the industry, Dr. Earle has enjoyed numerous successes. A few of these successes include serving as the Chairperson of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Legal Services to Persons with Disabilities Committee from 1998-2001, being an Advisory Board Member of Augmentative Communications Employment Training and Support Program, Institute on Disabilities at Temple University in 1999 and he is also honored to have sat on the Board of Directors for Transition to Independent Living from 1984-1997. Dr. Earle attributes his success to being mindful and empathic with all patients and family members.

Continuing his success, Dr. Earle has also been honored with a variety of awards including winning the Visionary Award National Disability Leadership in 2019, being honored as the Most Influential Latino in 2015 and also being part of the United Spinal Association in 2010. Furthermore, he is extremely proud to have coordinated the enforcement of disability rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, to be published in Temple Law Review, to have championed voting rights for disabled national employment and to have been inducted into the Pennsylvania Statewide Independent Living Council’s Hall of Fame in 2009.

In order to continue to expand his knowledge and share his expertise, Dr. Earle is an active member of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations and the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Looking to the future, Dr. Earle’s professional goals for the next five years include developing his skills as an expert in Medicaid.

When not at work, Dr. Earle enjoys watching football. Additionally, he actively volunteers with several charitable organizations including the Foundation for Fighting Blindness and Beat the Street.

Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Resources Inc.

  • Liberty Resources, Inc is a non-profit customer driven organization that focuses on advocating and promoting Independent Living for persons with disabilities.

Source: Liberty Resources Inc.

Professional Affiliations

  • Philadelphia Commission on Human Resources
  • Philadelphia Bar Association