Leader in Medicine

Timothy Keeler


The American Health Council selected Timothy Keeler, BS-PA to its Board of Physicians. Mr. Keeler currently holds various leadership roles, including vice-president of operations, partner and founder of Pro-Health Medical, Inc., and partner, owner, provider and director of operations at Hope Urgent Care in Midland, Mich. Since establishing the latter in 2012, Mr. Keeler’s demonstrative ability, experience, knowledge and skills have contributed significantly to the success of Hope Urgent Care Midland and the community it serves. Pursuing his vision, he founded Pro-Health Medical, Inc, opening their first location in early June 2018. With an impressive 25-year career, the American Health Council is proud to select Mr. Keeler — a U.S. Army veteran — as “Best in Medicine.”

Mr. Keeler enlisted in the military in 1982 and served in the U.S. Army (82nd) Airborne, where he gained essential work-ethic skills and self-confidence. While serving in the military, he was exposed to career roles that expanded across multiple fields, including combat medic, career counselor, lead instructor for combat medic course, EMT-Paramedic and as a physician assistant. After his honorable discharge in 1985, he continued to serve in the Army Reserves until 2006. Upon discharge from active duty, Mr. Keeler enrolled at Oakland Community College and earned an associate degree in general studies in 1988. That same year, he enrolled at Western Michigan University on the path toward earning a bachelor’s degree. Unaware that physician assistants practiced outside of the military, Mr. Keeler spotted a physician assistant bumper sticker, “Have you hugged your PA today? WMU PA Program,” during his commute to the university. Inspired by the notion of becoming a physician assistant, helping people with illness or injury, he committed to a career as a physician assistant. In 1993, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies and immediately applied his training and skills to establish a solid foundation for his prosperous career.

After graduating from Western Michigan University, Mr. Keeler began working as a physician assistant at First Care Medical Center. His contributions to First Care, acknowledged by his colleagues, were to keep with the highest standard of professional care. After gaining experience in family practice, urgent care and occupational medicine, Mr. Keeler departed First Care Medical Center in 1994 to advance his experience by working at Emergency Physicians Medical Group. He became the first physician assistant to work in the emergency department at McPherson Hospital in Howell, Mich. In 1997, after gaining experience in a community Emergency Department, he set his sight on a much larger, intercity hospital, Hurley Medical Center. At the latter, Mr. Keeler strengthened his skills while serving, as a physician assistant, in the Level 1 Trauma Center and Emergency Department. He treated all ED patients in the adult emergency department, pediatric emergency department, behavioral health unit and the critical decision unit. He became one of two physician assistants at Hurley Medical Center who achieved the Certification of Additional Qualifications in emergency medicine and provided high-quality care to countless families in Flint and the surrounding areas. In 2008, during the inception of the Affordable Care Act, Mr. Keeler envisioned the idea of improving access to care, reducing the cost of care, maintaining a professional excellence through the expansion of Urgent Care operations.

While continuing to serve as a physician assistant at Hurley Medical Center, Mr. Keeler joined the Urgent Care Association of America, attending start-up conferences and working with providers at Hurley Medical Centers to open the first Urgent Care location. Working directly with the practice’s owners, Mr. Keeler was instrumental in developing, planning and team development. He was instrumental in the expansion of many additional locations and by 2012, he established Hope Urgent Care – Midland. In 2016, he departed from his 19-year position at Hurley Medical Center to focus solely on Hope, expanding his vision and improving patients’ access to care via Urgent Care Centers. After months of meticulous planning, Mr. Keeler founded Pro-Health Medical in Rochester Hills, opening on June,11, 2018. Pro-Health Medical provides a variety of services in Tel/Pro Health including telemedicine, pro-health weight management, men’s pro-health, sports physicals, DOT physicals and occupational health.

Committed to advancing education for future physician assistants, Mr. Keeler worked as a preceptor for students at Hurley Medical Center and has trained physician assistant students from Central Michigan University, Wayne State University, Western Michigan University, and many other educational institutions over the last 20 years. He is a member of the Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants and contributes to the Children’s Miracle Network. With a successful career at hand, Mr. Keeler attributes his achievements to his dedication to living a life of purpose, self-confidence, commitment and perseverance, his visionary quality and his ability to recover from adversity when confronted with a challenge.

In the next several years, Mr. Keeler is committed to extending his services to help more people. He recently completed training and is now certified to prescribe Buprenorphine for the management of Opioid Use Disorders. His vision is to continue to open additional clinics utilizing a variety of providers and support staff. He seeks partners of strong moral character who are as passionate and committed to advancing access, clinical excellence and affordability to those served. In his free time, Mr. Keeler enjoys spending time with his wife and family. He enjoys skiing, fishing, golf and watching his children participate in sports.

Pro-Health Medical

Vice President of Operations, Partner and Founder of Pro-Health Medical

  • Pro-Health Medical opened its doors in July 2018, offering services in TelPro Health, including telemedicine, pro-health weight management, men’s pro-health, sports physicals and occupational health.

Partner, Owner, Provider and Director of Operations at Hope Urgent Care – Midland  

  • Hope Urgent Care provides patients with a wide range of urgent care services. It provides services such as physical exams, lab services, pediatric exams, occupational medicine and vaccinations.